3 reasons why your lovely handbags can ruin you

The Bag investigator

Women loves bags and shoes, but some women (ehem.. like me) just loves and adores bag. It can be a luxury, branded or even just a plain bag, I love […]

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Latest Bag deals on Ensogo Philippines

Ensogo Philippines

Almost all of you know that I am a bag hag and that bag addiction becomes a passion for helping people spot the fake ones from the real deal. I […]

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Michael’s Must Have: Something Colorful

I love looking at website of my favorite bag designers. I love how they mix and match colors and designs. So here’s another sneak peek of Michael Kors very colorful […]

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My top 3 favorites for Coach Spring 2015 Collection

Coach released their 2015 Spring collection and here are my top 3 favorites with their complete information. Coach Swagger 20 Carryall in Pebble Leather Statement belting with double-turnlock hardware updates […]

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New: Longchamp Le Pliage Eclipse

This large shopping bag in the Le Pliage® line has long shoulder straps and is the ideal size for shopping. LE PLIAGE® Eclipse During her collaboration with Longchamp, Sarah Morris […]

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Michael’s Bright Idea

Bright colors are happy colors so Michael Kors newest bright collections will give more spark and brightness on our day check them below: Casey Leather Large Satchel “How do you […]

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Kate Spade’s goes Tokyo

Kate Spade’s newest arrival is all about Tokyo! Take a peek on their new collection below: Hello Tokyo Zena [line] Hello Tokyo Cat [line] Hello Tokyo Bento Box [line] Hello […]

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Weird bags to LOVE

Bags, Bags, Bags. I think I really could not get enough of them. But what’s in store for today is the weird looking bags but we surely can’t get enough […]

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Battle of the TOTE Bags: Michael Kors

Tote bags are very spacious that’s why most of us do have this kind of bag even our celebrity idols carry it on their meetings and for some models for […]

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Battle of the MINI BAGS

Mini bags are really a must have bags now a days, why? because everyday we carry a big and heavy bag in going to work, meetings and school. Mini bags […]

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