Celebrity Bags

Taking a peek on the bags hottest celebs use.

Hollywood’s Teen Bag Hag

Chloe with her Chanel black and white bag on a sunny day. ( photo from dailymail.co.uk)

Not all bag hag are on their late 20’s some started at an early age like these Hollywood teens who are starting their bag collection as early as now. Kendall Jenner   Kylie Jenner Elle Fanning  Willow Smith     Chloe Moretz I believe in the phrase “we should start them early” my boys are …

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Nickelodeon’s Celebrities: Bags to love


Like Disney’s Teen star, Nickelodeon’s stars are also our house hold partners especially for my Ahia. He loves Nickelodeon’s series that features teens starts like Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove and Arian Grande. Here’s a peek for their latest bag styles now that some of them are not tweensies and teens anymore. They surely love to …

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Hollywood Celebs X Chloe Elsie Bag

Emma Roberts is traveling with her Chloe Elsie bag. (photo from stylebistro.com)

Chloe Elsie bag has different kinds like Lame, textured shoulder bag and many more. Chloe never fail to give us bags to love and to dream of. I am into small bags now a days that is why I love looking for celebs who also loves small/ mini bags. So here’s a few of my …

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Disney’s Celebrities: Bags to love

Demi Lovato with her tri - colored Givenchy Antigona.

We all know about Disney’s teen celebrities. They become the household gossip inside our house. I always saw Ahia (Hans my eldest son) watching Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato’s Camp Rock. They are not so little anymore and they are flaunting their fashion own statement. So let’s check out their bag style to …

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Celebs loves Hermes Birkin

My fave Marc Jacobs carrying his Birkin on the beach.

After rounding up with celebs and their favorite Celine Luggage Tote bag.  And, our fave celebs can’t just get enough for having more than one favorite bag. No matter what they do and where they go they just can’t get enough of carrying a really elegant and posh bag.             …

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Anna Paquin loves Chloé Marcie Shoulder Bag


I’ve been a True Blood fan ever since I watched an episode on HBO then I started searching the net on where I can watch it from the start until the latest episode. I was so in love with her character as Sookie Stackhouse, she was this telephatic girl in a small town and met …

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Celebs loves Celine Luggage Totes


Celine Tote Bag has been the bag of the year. Every celebrities you see have a Celine Tote bag carrying on their hands. That is why it was tagged as the “hottest” bag of the year. Even here in the Philippines you can see celebrities carrying Celine Tote bag. It was really a very elegant …

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Taylor Swift loves Dolce and Gabbana


Taylor Swift is one of the best singer in the world. Besides her good voice she really caught my eyes for being the prim and proper young lady. I always see her in dress and even if she is wearing shorts or just a simple sweat pants she always looks so polished and lady like. …

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Pretty Little Liars Bags Galore: Episode 7


We have witnessed  another thrilling episode from Pretty Little Liars. We also saw new bags to love from Spencer, Hanna and Alison. It was so sad no bag features from Emily and Aria. 🙁     It’s been a thrilling episode to watch and very satisfying to see them carrying around simple yet elegant bags …

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Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery on PLL


Aria Montgomery the high school student who falls in love with her English teacher Mr. Ezra Fitzgerald but we were not going to talked about their love story :). It is about Aria’s bag fashion statement on Pretty Little Liars. Aria is always the artsy and has the boho-chic style. Here are my most favorite …

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