Can music help our kids develop Multiple Intelligence?

Both my kids are music lover. I let them listen to old music to let them know how beautiful music from the 80’s and 90’s are. Some parents use music from Beethoven and Mozart to their kids because most parents like myself believe that music can make them smart.

My youngest son has an IQ of 143, although he have ADHD, he still manages to finish his module on time and sometimes he do advance in some subjects. He also have a very good memory, he will read it for 2-3 times and woohla, he can recite it impromptu. He was also the former Regional and National Champion in Memory Verse, he recited over 200 bible verses. My eldest was a math whiz. He can solve simple to complicated math problems with ease. I am so proud of how bright and smart my kids are, but is music part of it?

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The relationship between music and child development is discussed widely in the circle of early childhood therapist. Dr. Liz inciong, a pediatrician, Fellow of the Philippine Paediatric Society and an Associate Active consultant of the Institute of Paediatrics and Child Health at St. Luke’s Medical Centre fro 18 years and Teacher Mara Vasquez-Estuesta of Kindermusik  International are among who have scientific understanding of the matter and strongly support it.

According to theory, a child’s intellectual capacity isn’t solely based on and measured by verbal or mathematical skills. On the contrary, it is in fact far more comprehensive which covers social, music, kinesthetics and visual intelligence as well.

As Dr. Inciong states “ Music plays an important role in the development of a child’s various modes of intelligence, specifically fro mental, physical and social aspects. Music helps them seek patterns in their environment, which allows them to easily recall words, phrases, even in foreign languags. They become more perceptive to sound and develop into astute listeners.”

How does sound impacts the childs development? Here’s what the experts explanations:

“ The concept of multiple intelligence creates a profound effect on how educators can approach teaching for their students. It allows us to tailor instruction to each child, to provide a wholistic approach to learning” said Dr. Inchiong

Kids ages 1-4 can recognise music and use it as part of how they will tell their very first word. They can acquire language and speech development during this years. They are very sensitive to what they hear and repeat it.

“ The right tempo and messages aids in the development of of neurophysiological distinctions between sounds that develop literacy, which tangibly result in better academic result. “ says Teacher Mara

Dr. Inchiong and Teacher Mara partnered with Progress Pre-School Gold to create the very first playlist that is based on scientific research and practical applications, designed to help build Multiple Intelligence in the Philippines.

Progress Pre-School Gold

M.I Beats is the very first playlist that is designed to help aid a child’s development process and provide modern moms with access to digital platforms that offers it. Progress Pre-School Gold is offering an exclusive opportunity fro mother to enjoy the exclusive M.I. beats  for Free!

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“ We found that incorporating music into a child’s daily activities can help develop his different Smarts. The more exposure a child gets, the more stimulation and benefits he gains. Living in the digital age. There are now so many options and platforms for mothers to use in developing their child. The intention of M.I. Beats is to provide them the opportunity to use music as an enabler and tool in helping them build their child’s multiple intelligence,” ends Josteen Vega, Brand Manager for Progress Pre- School Gold.

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