How Camping Would Help Cure Your Sleeping Problems

How Camping Would Help Cure Your Sleeping Problems

Camping is one of life’s experiences that should be tried at least once in your life (maybe a few times). Staying out, enjoying the outdoors with family, friends, and loved ones, and enjoying the wonders of nature is some of life’s greatest pleasures. Other than the wonderful experiences that it offers, camping also has its health benefits. One of these health benefits is that it can help remedy one’s sleeping problems. Other than discussing how camping solves sleeping problems, we’ll provide you with camping tips that can help make your camping experience a comfortable one.


Camping and sleeping problems

According to research from the scientists of the University of Colorado Boulder, camping for a week helps someone readjust their sleep cycle. Being exposed to sunlight more can make you sleep better, wake up earlier, and feel better compared to sleeping in an urban environment.

The reason behind it is that the test subjects of the experiment conducted received more melatonin, due to being more exposed to a natural environment. This helps one’s circadian rhythm (aka your body clock), which results to having a better sleeping pattern. Disturbed circadian rhythms tend to cause health issues, like obesity, diabetes, poor cognitive performance, and mood disorders.

The study also compared the sleeping patterns of the people who took the camping trip to the people who stayed at home. They found that people who went camping have earlier sleeping schedules due to their higher melatonin levels.


Tips for a more comfortable camping experience

1.The right equipment

Having the proper camping equipment enhances the camping experience. To prepare for this, one must study the camping location, so the right equipment can be bought. Along with getting the right equipment for the camping environment, you must also have the essentials:

  • First aid kit: Having a first aid kit is essential for any outdoor activity. A supply of medicine, bandages, and other emergency items will keep you safe in the wilderness.
  • Lights: Having proper lighting equipment, such as flashlights and lamps, help in illuminating your campsite. You can also bring in some fire-making equipment in case your batteries run out during the night.
  • The right tent: Picking the right tent is important, as you have to make sure that it withstands the environment you will be camping on. Make sure the tent is waterproof in case of rain and that the tent is strong enough to withstand against strong winds.
  • Proper sleeping gear: Once your tent is settled, you have to make sure that you bought comfortable sleeping gear to make your sleep during the night much better. This makes sure you wake up well, and prepared for the next hike.


2.Researching about the location

As mentioned in #1, it is essential that you study about the campsite. The things that you need to know include the weather, the flora and fauna, and the routes and trails that you’ll be going around. This ensures you that you are well-prepared, and mostly safe from the wilderness you’ll be exploring

3.Enjoy the outdoors

Once you’re in the camping site, all you have to do is to enjoy, forget the rigors of urban life for a while, unwind, and enjoy the vast outdoors. The best thing about camping is the experience and the memories gained, so make those experiences count.

Camping is a unique and varied experience, and is also best when with people close to you. If you haven’t tried camping yet, then it’s something that should be on your list of things to try, as the experience is a unique and exciting one.

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