Caliburger, Century City Mall

The Place
Caliburger has 2 branches. The one I visited is the Century City Mall Branch. It is located on the 4th floor of Century Mall. The other branch is located in Quezon City Near GMA Network. The Caliburger in Century Mall has ample parking space since it is located inside the mall. You can easily find it with the help of the mall’s concierge.

Caliburger's Entrance.

Inside the Caliburger Century City Mall.

Their comfort room and wash area.

Smoking Area / Non-air conditioned area

Their menu board.

The Food
Caliburger offered us their 2 new burgers and their 7 new milk shakes.

Caliburger Century City Mall

Caliburger Century City Mall

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich
– You can easily tell that the chicken sandwich has bbq flavor thru smelling
– It has tomatoes, onions, pickles and bacon
– The buns are very soft and fluffy outside and crispy inside which I really love about it.
– The chicken in the sandwich is a bit dry.
– The bbq sauce is a bit spicy specially to non-chili lovers.
– The bacon is easy to munch on because it’s not too crunchy.

Caliburger Century City Mall

Caliburger Century City Mall

Cali Chicken Sandwich with Avocado Sauce
– It has lettuce, tomatoes and avocado sauce
– The chicken in the sandwich is juicy.
– But, I cannot taste the avocado sauce. It is as if I am munching on a mayonnaise.
– The bun in Cali Chicken Sandwich with Avocado Sauce is not crispy, but it is fluffy and soft.

Milk Shakes: Blueberry, Rootbeer, Coffee, Mixed Berried, Bubble Gum, Tutti Frutti and Butterscotch

Caliburger Century City Mall

Rootbeer Milk Shake
– Super milky and you cannot taste the root beer anymore.
– Suitable for children due to its milky-ness.

The Temperature
Since it was a launching for the newest sandwich Caliburger they let us taste both the sandwiches in half, which I think is a very good idea, but the temperature is affected. When the sandwich is served, it’s not warm anymore.

The Server
The server of Caliburger is very knowledgeable about their products and very attentive to the customers need.

The Price
Caliburger’s price is a bit pricey for some, but I find it reasonable since they offer complete combo meals and unlimited drinks plus the size of the burger or sandwich is big enough.

The Verdict
Overall, I find Caliburger my next burger stop. I will visit them soon so I can fully review and critic more of their food, but for now you must try their newest chicken sandwich and new milk shake flavor. I hope they improved both of their chicken sandwiches because I find some mishaps with it, like the chipotle chicken BBQ sandwich, which is dry and the Cali Chicken burger with avocado sauce I can’t barely taste the avocado on it.

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Disclaimer:  The Satastefied Chef received the product(s) / service for free for evaluation/ review purposes. All opinions expressed here are solely from me (the author) and have not influenced by the sponsor.

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