Caballete: Cradling Filipino Artists

Caballete is a Spanish word for “easel”, an easel is the one that carries the artist’s canvas. Caballete Artist’s Gallery aims to cradle Filipino Artist, they envisage to be the destination for Filipino art works and talents.

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The owner Mr. Ramon Araullo, a stockbroker and branch network head, sees that investing in a stock market is same as investing authentic art pieces due to market inflation the paintings / artwork is increasing its market value. He also state why he loves collecting art pieces: (1) It is part of the Philippine Heritage and (2) The investment multiplies in value. Mr. Araullo also added that today, artworks are covered with authentication paper to know that the artwork is legit or not, collectors like himself invest time, money and effort to check if their art pieces are authentic.

Mr. Ramon Araullo

Mr. Araullo aims that Caballete will be the cradle of Filipino artist and this will be their pedestal in creating more artwork. He envisioned to emphasize the talent, not the dictatorship of commercialism. It will also be the venue for Filipino artists to hone their skills as they offer the gallery for art classes. It can be also a venue for music and literary.

Caballete Artist's Gallery Caballete Artist's Gallery Caballete Artist's Gallery Caballete Artist's Gallery

For new art collectors who wishes to be like Mr. Araullo here’s a piece of advise from him.

“You need to buy art pieces from artists that are still alive, It’s the best way to authenticate and to prove that the art piece is an authentic one”.

He encourages each and everyone to come and visit Caballete to have your very first art exhibit to show that Filipinos are really artistic in everything we do.

Caballete encourage groups, friend or colleagues from all ages to just hang out and witness what’s inside the gallery and also to learn the roots of Filipino art heritage through the sharing of knowledge from art practitioners, a place where creative minds meet.

The oldest art piece at Caballete Artist's Gallery
The oldest art piece at Caballete Artist’s Gallery


Visit Caballete Artist’s Gallery at 111-A Kamias Road, Kamias, Brgy. Malaya 4, Quezon City. (Fronting Shell Gas Station). They are open Monday- Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m You may call them at 945 25 73 | 0927 2600470 or email them at

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