Breville is the Super Star of WOFEX 2016 + Chef Louise Mabulo shares healthy recipes

Day 1 of WOFEX or World Food Expo 2016 just concluded and it was really a blast! Breville together with the youngest Chef I ever known showcase how easy Breville Super Star Blenders can easily be use and how you can easily do a recipe in just 2-5 minutes.

So before we proceed, I just want you guys to meet the youngest Chef and the most passionate chef I know. At 17, Chef Louise have many accomplishment in life, she started to love cooking at 5 and joined Junior Master Chef at 13. Her mom and grandma is the great cook for her and her uncle is also a chef, I think cooking and being a good chef runs in their family. Aside from cooking she also advocates farm to table set up in cooking because this way, people can really eat heathy. I love how she told us “ I have cows and chickens at our backyard”, this means that she really love cooking and growing her own crops and animals.

She also love Breville products, because it is very useful and make her events and dinner at home easy. I remember awhile ago as I talked to her mom, Chef Louise made a cookie from a rice cooker like appliance of Breville (sorry I forgot what its called) She’s really innovative and have the passion in what she’s doing. I really admire how down to earth she is even though she have a lot of accomplishments in life.

The recipes she prepare:

So going back to WOFEX, Chef Louise made four (4) recipes using Breville’s Super Star Blender. She made guacamole, Salsa, banana and peanut smoothie and Frose (combination of Rose Wine and Strawberries). Seeing her made these recipes with Breville’s Super Star Blender makes me wanna buy that blender now! I mean it’s not the conventional kind of blender where you will fear of spill and motor problem like I used to experience before and I also don’t need juicer because Breville’s blender have it already which is really amazing!

The new Breville Super Star blender features Kinetix Blade and Bowl-Hugging System that makes making smoothies and blending faster and easy. The new Kinetix have a central blade which crushes and chops ingredients, while wide flat blades fold to aerate the ingredients. So no need to stop what you’re doing and scrape it. This blender also have seven (7) pre-programmed setting: mix, blend, chop, crush, puree, liquefy and do smoothie. It also have the Citrus Cone head where you can squeeze citrus juice while you are blending. Kinetix twist  is very perfect for small quantities of food because it have mini blades in it.

Breville will surely be your go to brand when you wanted innovative and easy to use appliance at home! Check out more of their appliances at or at their Facebook Page /brevillephilippines

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