Boost Weight Loss with Wholegrain Foods

According to recent research, changing from a diet of processed grains to whole grains does have a positive impact on your overall health and also helps in losing weight. You might be wondering how. Well, the research showed that eating whole grains boosts your metabolic rate. Additionally, it cuts down on the number of calories absorbed during digestion.

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Unlike the processed types of food, wholegrain foods like brown bread contain the outermost covering of seeds. This covering is dense with nutrients and fiber, and in most processed foods, it is always removed.

Ok, let us break that down a little bit. Seeds or grains usually have the endosperm, germ, and the bran. In this case, the endosperm is a seed’s covering, which naturally contains the vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. In processed foods, the endosperm is entirely removed. This, of course, is the difference. You are consuming all the fiber and nutrients in whole grains.

Fiber Content

Consuming grains with a high fiber content boosts the number of calories burned per day. During the research, health experts recorded the metabolic rate, blood sugar, weight, fecal calories, fullness and hunger of close to 80 volunteers for eight weeks. In the first two weeks of the research, the participants were fed the same foods. Later on, the team was split into two. Team A was fed a diet consisting of wholegrain foods while the B team ate a diet of processed grain.

The findings from the research showed that those who ate wholegrain foods burned an additional 100 calories per day. This was brought about by an improved metabolic rate and significant fecal losses in comparison to the group that ate refined foods. Previously, many studies aimed to shed additional light on the advantages of whole grains on heart disease risks. Moreover, with this study, researchers were able to prove the impact dietary fiber has on weight loss and achieving better health. However, there were still question marks concerning people who avoided eating grains altogether. Nonetheless, whole grains again came out on top in the battle of which is healthier.

What to Watch for

Additionally, the researchers still advise that you should pay extra attention to the packaging labels whenever buying whole grains. Remember that looks can be deceiving. When purchasing your foods, always opt for brown foods and those dense with fiber.

Fiber and Weight Loss

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate. Nevertheless, we humans lack a particular chemical to break it down. Thus, fiber tends to make us feel fuller with less calories for a more extended period. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains pack a decent punch of fiber. French beans, chia seeds, bran cereal, lentils, and chickpeas are the top five fiber-rich foods that can help keep your weight in check.

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