Book and Borders Cafe is now brewing at Mckinley Hill + food critique

I miss food review, its been awhile since I do this and my last food review this year is not that pleasant. I know Book and Borders since last year, I was invited that time when they open their very first store and I died when I tasted their food.

Book and Borders Cafe

And this year they have opened their second branch at Tuscany Estates, Mckinley Hill, BGC. The newest branch have a very different vibe on the first branch, but they are both complementing Book and Borders Cafe’s vision of giving coffee lover and bookworm a place where they have both in one place. There is a lot of good and new books choose from, whether you love classic or contemporary. Oh, by the way! Book and Borders Cafe often update their library for everyone to enjoy + it is for free!

Best seller are not always about books in Book and Borders Cafe they also serve their very own best seller like: Queso de Bola Cake, Truffle Mushroom Pasta and Tuyo Pasta. You can also enjoy their rice meals, sandwiches and panini. They also offer coffee and smoothies to pair with their scrumptious food.

To much appreciate what I am saying, here’s my full critique about their food.


The Place

The newest Book and Borders branch is much smaller that the first one, but I love the homey vibe of the this branch. Although, if you have a car, parking will be a little bit of an issue and if you do commute and you are from the north like me Q.C. branch is the right one for you, but if you feel adventurous going to Mckinley branch will give it to you for sure. It is located at RC-RCM and RD-RDM Building 5, Tuscany Estates, Mckinley Hills, BGC.

What’s inside Book and Borders Cafe?

Book and Borders Cafe

Book and Borders Cafe

Book and Borders Cafe


The Food

Book and Borders Cafe serve us Pasta, Sandwich and Raspberry Iced tea. Here’s some of what I think about their food:

( I have a very weak taste buds or matabang ang panlasa due to chemo and other therapy)

Book and Borders Cafe

Book and Borders Cafe

Book and Borders Cafe

Chicken Parmigiana au Gratin over Creamy Pesto

*au Gratin means, the pasta is covered with crumbs or cheese then baked/or under a broil until it is brown.
  • The pasta’s serving is over the edge, two people can share on one plate.
  • It has a creamy pesto sauce that is why it’s not overly green only.
  • It is paired with chicken breast.
  • The food is so pleasing to the eye, the presentation is superb!
  • You can still taste the pesto, but you can also taste the cream. I think it is a 50/50 ratio.
  • The pasta is too soggy for me. I think they over cooked it. I wanted my pasta to be al dente or has a little bit of crisp in it.
  • They use spaghetti pasta for this pasta, but I prefer penne (anyway this is just what I want. Haha!)
  • The chicken breast is topped with creamy cheese sauce, but the chicken itself is bland for me.

Book and Borders Cafe

Book and Borders Cafe

Shrimp Salad in Ciabatta Sandwich

*Ciabatta is a kind of bread
*The sandwich served is only half of the regular sandwich being served on a daily basis
  • Since I only ate half of the sandwich, the shrimp is at least 4-5 pieces. I think it is a lot for a half sandwich. The shrimp has butterfly cut to make it look more appetising and pleasing to the eyes.
  • The bread has a nice crunch which I really love.
  • The veggies are so fresh. Lettuce and tomatoes is very crunchy.
  • The sandwich over all is bland for me. I can’t taste the shrimp stock that is incorporated with the dressing. I think this sandwich is better if they put more spices like jalapeño to make it more exciting.

My hubby is a die hard food enthusiast and told me that I was the greatest chef of my time, but after the chemo and other therapies my taste buds just get dumber and dumber. That is why I brought him to taste the food with me and here’s what he says:

The pasta is so tasty, it has a right amount of spices and it’s so creamy which I love the most although the pasta is not cooked al dente, but overall it is a beautiful dish. The chicken is big and crunchy, but it lacks spices. It is better when you eat the chicken then followed by the creamy pesto.The creamy white sauce topped the chicken is bland for me. I’ll give the dish 7 out of 10.

The sandwich has the freshest ingredient like the veggies and the bread. The bread is very crunchy so as the veggies. It has an ample amount of shrimp and the dressing compliments it. I just want a twist with it since me and my wife love spicy food, they should add jalapeño. I give the dish 8.5 out of 10.

Food Photo Diary:

(1.Barbeque Liempo, 2. Tamarind Lemongrass Chicken and 3. Tuna Apple with Gratinated Cheese Sauce in Ciabatta Bread)

Book and Borders Cafe.9 Book and Borders Cafe.8 Book and Borders Cafe.6


The Servers

Book and Borders Cafe’s servers is very attentive. They make sure that every guest is served with their food on time (though some servers have some issues regarding service time, but that is an event it’s really understandable.)

I think I have a dumb taste buds, but I think there is always a room for improvement. We will definitely go back and taste more of their food! Keep in touch to check our latest review about Book and Borders Cafe!


Socialize with them:

Facebook: /booksandborderscafe
Twitter: @bookandborderscafe
Instagram: @bookandborderscafe


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  1. Books, food and coffee are three of my favorite things. So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna like this place. It’s not that far from where we live so there’s a great chance we’ll check this out soon. 🙂

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