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I was not born rich or famous. My family is living in a shanty. I was surrounded by people who you would call “siga” or “barumbado”. Even if I grew up in a place not so beguiling, I am proud where I grew up, I am proud of what my surroundings are. My parents brought me up not to be like the people that surrounds me, they send me to Siena Collage during my grade school days until my second year in high school, Lady of Rose Academy when I was in third and fourth year high school, De La Salle University – Dasmarinas during my first year in college and returned to Manila after a while and I attended De La Salle Araneta Univeristy. Indeed, my life is full of colors. My bus mates would tease me for living in a squatter area and my Mama would tell them

Kahit squatter kami, hindi kami ugaling squatter.

And I was really proud of that, my parents did a good job of protecting me from kids who bullies me. I also have friends in our neighborhood, which I realized that what I have materially or not is really a gift from God and from my very hard-working parents. My playmate would always tell me that I was really fortunate that I have my own room with a bed and cute pillow collection and I don’t bother to ask them why. What I did is to ask my Mama if I could go to my playmate’s house and she would allow me. So I really do go to their house. I was really surprised that my parents’ room size is their home, no other room, but those four walls and to think that they are eight in the family really surprises me. I was really fortunate enough to have things that I want and things that I really needed and also to be able to study at a private school from grade school to college.

I know you’re wondering why I’m I writing this? This is who I am a “Blogger from Squatter” and I am proud of where I am. I was really lucky to have my parents. Since they make sure that I don’t end up like the kids in our neighborhood that didn’t even finish grade school or high school because of poverty. Their parents tend to gamble and drink first before they feed their family. This is very unfair to their kids. I remember when my second child’s first birthday party at Jollibee, I invited almost all the people on our neighborhood, not to be so proud of what we have but to let those little children experience abundance in food and we also let sent them additional food before going home . Even it really cost us our whole savings and my husband’s family would criticize me and my family for inviting all those people. They would say that those people are without upbringing and to think that I and my husband should be in-charge of it and we wanted to spend it with kids that are less fortunate (take note my Mama also gives us monetary help since we almost closed down the branch). We ended up really happy and satisfied they even bother to buy Kweky a simple gift which Kweky really loves and he keep some of it until now.

Again, we are planning to invite little kids to Ahia’s (my eldest son) birthday in November. This may not be extravagant like Kweky’s first birthday, but I told Ahia that you should pick kids that you would want to join you on your birthday. My Mama will sponsor again and I think I need to sponsor too. So that at least we could invite 10 – 15 kids to feed and it’s Jollibee again. It really pains me to see kids salivating whenever my kids brag about that we ate at a very fancy restaurants and hotels. Those kids would say

Jollibee lang masaya na ako. Masarap doon eh!

These words really broke me and my Mama’s heart, that’s why we wanted to push this thru again this coming November. I can’t wait for this to happen will blog about this in November.



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12 thoughts on “A Blogger from Squatter

  1. Props to your parents for raising you to be generous and kind. I believe that the house we live in, the neighborhood we grew up in, although can influence in shaping ones personality, it does not define the person at all. Depende talaga sa pag palaki ng magulang. 🙂

  2. May God Bless you more for doing this simple things to the kids in your neighborhood. I also stayed in a slum area when I was a kid (that is because we have no choice). My mom (a widow at an early age of 36), did her best to provide for our education so that the 3 of us will finish college. Wala na kami don ngayon, pero di ko makakalimutan ang lugar na yun.

  3. Hi. I am just wondering on how your parents managed to send you to good school. We live in a good neighborhood but sending 3 kids to private school is no joke. Luckily one is a scholar and the rest we have to literally ‘gapangin” and exhaust all resources to support their education. Kudos to your blog and more power!

      1. Tama ka. It is all about perseverance specially in the most trying times. People would often ridicule us for sending the kids to a private school but that is the only valuable gift we could give our children. Ika nga, if there is a will there’s a way. Good Luck dear and I am sure you are doing the right thing.

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