It’s no argument for many alcohol lovers that Jack Daniel’s, especially in the Philippines, is regarded as one of the best brands of whisky there is, as well as the one of the most recognizable. With that said, blended whisky such as Jack Daniel’s are the kinds of drinks you would want in any occasion. There’s just something about this drink that really brings on the intensity in flavor and livening of moods.

When it comes to blended whisky, you can never go wrong on which occasion you choose to drink. If you’re looking for any ideas, here are some blended whisky that are indeed perfect for any occasion:

Jack Daniel’s Honey

 As said before, Jack Daniel’s, is one of the most famous and recognizable brands of whisky to date. Not only can you drink it in any occasion you see fit, but you can also infuse it into numerous recipes. All it takes is a great palate to know what tastes well with the other.

Plus, what makes this brand great is that you can find them anywhere as it is always readily available for you to purchase. So, if you’re looking for a great drink option for your drinking session, Jack Daniel’s is your best bet!

Canadian Mist

Besides Jack Daniel’s, Canadian Mist Blended Whisky can definitely deliver in bringing the heat. With an alcohol volume percentage of 40%, anyone who would dare to drink too much of this will certainly regret it.

Another thing that makes this brand notable among other brands is that it’s known for its sweet taste and signature bitter aftertaste. While it has been described as having a “toffee, vanilla, and grassy with citric fruits” flavor, it is also noted that its bitter aftertaste is a staple in numerous kinds of alcohol.

Nonetheless, this blended whisky is definitely your best bet for any occasion you have in mind, whether it be an elegant gathering between friends or just a normal night out with drinks. Again, just make sure to drink a suitable amount for yourself.

Hibiki Whisky

 When it comes to Japan and alcohol, the brand they are usually known for is sake, which is a strong Japanese wine that is usually drunk in shots. However, who knew that Japan can make some good blended whisky as well?

Japan’s blended whisky offering, in the form of a brand named Hibiki, has an alcohol volume percentage of 43%, which makes each sip even more intense than the last. Since the name of this brand translates to ‘sound’ in English, any occasion with this blended whisky is bound to “sound” spectacular! Get it?

Jameson Irish Whisky

 Besides Jack Daniel’s, Jameson Irish Whisky also stands as one of the most recognizable brands of blended whisky. With an alcoholic percentage of 40%, every shot will bring you one step closer to the buzz.


Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with any occasion you can have this drink with. Gather around with your closest friends and enjoy a shot with this drink!

Key Takeaway

In countries like the Philippines, Jack Daniel’s definitely stands out as one of the biggest names in the world of alcoholic indulgence; and with any of these drinks in your arsenal, there is going to be a lot of happy vibes spreading around!





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