Big word called TRUST

Trust is one of the biggest words you can hear. We can also say that Trust takes time to build, but seconds to destroy. Trusting someone takes time, effort and energy.


What if you trusted someone and betrayed you not once, not twice, but over and over again. How will you move one and to trust other people again? It’s not easy to trust again when you offered a genuine trust and friendship to someone.

But, why some people have the power to break someone’s trust just a snap of a hand? Without thinking that it would take a thousand years to rebuild.


How can you forgive someone if you are repeatedly lied too and let you lure from a stupid lie and tells you repeatedly that it’s the truth?

I love this quote. I can accept whatever truth can bring, but never lie to me to make me feel comfortable.

Can you trust again after you believed in the lies you were told?

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