Big in Savings + Big Brands + A different Shopping Experience = Landers Superstore

I think most moms love grocery shopping, because it gives you the liberty to choose something good for the family that you know they will love and this is also a mom’s outlet when we are super stressed with our everyday endeavors.

Specially now that Christmas is just 24 days to go and most of us are preparing for our Noche Buena and most supermarket are jump packed with a lot of people and it’s really stressful to shop. But, don’t worry mommies because there is a superstore which will ease our stress because Landers Superstore have a great ambiance, great food, spacious and top brands are available.


So before I list down what are my grocery finds, I want you mommies to visualize on how to shop at Landers Superstore. You roam around an 8,000 square meter shopping space and it is also very lively because of their lighting and what I love about Landers is that you can dance while shopping since the aisles are super wide and what so exciting about them is that you’ll not wait for long lines because they have ample cashiers.

Photo: 1. See how spacious the dining area is 2. See how spacious the shopping area.

They also offer great coffee at Doppio, a great food finds at Landers Central, a delectable bakery at Dough & Co., you can also have your husband’s haircut at Talas Manileno in Balintawak or Federal Barbers in Otis. Lastly, you can also have you car gas up at the Caltex Station inside Landers SuperStore because you’ll get P2.00 off/ liter of gas and P1.50 for Diesel.

Here are some of my grocery finds at Landers Superstore Otis:

Photos: See how many Christmas ornaments available at Landers Superstore? From snowman to Christmas lights and Christmas balls. You can also spot Christmas gifts for kids like the plush toys that worth below P200. I also love food containers because specially those that are reusable. If you have pets they also offer posh beddings for our fur babies. You can also see great sale items like the chocolates above. They also have organic ice cream and also other ice cream brands that we don’t usually see in supermarkets. They also have Christmas packages which is really perfect for your loved ones. The packages starting P1,499 to P2,999 depending on the packages you want, they have organic or snacks and beer packages.


My membership card!


Here’s what I bought awhile ago

If you want to be a member, you can get their membership card for P800 and can avail (1) one extension card for P400, but if have a business membership fee is P1,000 and you can avail up to (4) four extenuation cards for P400 each. Membership Cards are all valid for a year (12 months) and may be renewed with the same fee.

Photos: Here’s the membership area.

But, currently Landers Superstore is offering a 20% on all membership fees! So, P800 will be 640 and P1,000 just P800 for the extension cards it will be P320. (I think this is just for today)


So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Landers Superstore near you and apply now! And by the way they are on sale this coming December 3-4!

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