Be a better version of yourself with Diana Stalder Skincare Center and DS Cafe

Want to have a better version of yourself? I mean, be beautiful inside and out, plus got the chance to be a healthier you. Because Diana Stalder is offering both, beautifying you on the outside and making you healthy and beautiful on the inside.

Diana Stalder Skincare Center has more than 20 years of facial care experience. They have transformed into one of the most eminent in face, skin and body care center today. They have a stay of the art facilities and well trained therapist to assist you.

It was really a privilege to be invited and try their Supreme Facial with Bi Phase Mask. The facial is very relaxing and their therapist is very friendly and attentive to my need specially when pricking time started which I think the most painful thing I experience in my life and after that very painful time, it was so relaxing to have the mask put on my face because it’s cold and refreshing on the face and the eye area.

I will never forget the experience, it maybe painful and my tears just fell off of my eyes when the pricking started, but the result was really above my expectations. I have a much smoother and milia free skin today and I awe it to Diana Stalder Skincare Center as they are the only face clinic who did treat my milia during a facial treatment.

Hello from the masked woman 🙂

The step by step procedure of their supreme facial with mask. (though this is not really the full step by step)

I also got to taste the food they serve on DS Cafe, a very healthy options because most of the time the food we intake reflects on our skin. I haven’t taken some photos of the food they serve (just one, haha!) but you can feel that the food served is organic and a very healthy option.

So if you want to achieve a beautiful and healthy skin, go to Diana Stalder Skincare Center and DS Cafe at Gateway Mall, Cubao.

Check them out for news about skin and healthy food:

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Instagram: @dianastalder
Twitter: @diana_stalder

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