Best Stylus Apps for Android Devices

Phones like the LG G Stylo are classy choices for your everyday handheld device. Not only do you look really professional with the integrated stylus pen that comes with it, but also it’s very functional and useful for the artistic mind. This makes it perfect for those that workout both sides of their brain. However, a phone with a stylus is just a phone with a stylus without a few wonderful apps. Here are the best ones you can download to make any android phone with a stylus the best investment you’ve made in your life.


Apps by Adobe


As many may know, Adobe is the creator of the beloved household name that is “Photoshop”. But they are also the creators of mobile apps and they have ones specifically made for use with a stylus. Examples are Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw. These give many photographers and illustrators a way to be able to express themselves in their craft without having to bring a bulky laptop. They can work on the go and, since these are connected to their desktop versions, they can continue these works later when they get home to their monstrous work stations.

For the business side, there is also Adobe Fill, which allows you to fill up and sign digital documents.

Apps by AutoDesk

The most popular apps that AutoDesk has made is Sketchbook and AutoCAD. Although both have been proven to be useful professional tools on the desktop, these still remain to be powerful even in a mobile device format. In fact, they have made their apps optimized for mobile and have even added some features that can’t be found on the desktop versions. For example, AutoCAD 360 is an app that allows you to be able to look at your floor plan as you were inside of it by using the phone’s GPS. Imagine drawing up a floor plan with your stylus and being able to visualize how it would look like when it’s actually built.


Character Maker

Are you an artist? No? Do you want to be? Then Character Maker app is for you! This is a mobile app that was made in order to teach people how to draw or to hone their skills on it. It has numerous tutorials that focus mainly on 2D drawing. Yet it also has advanced lessons such as drawing a 2D image, but from a 3D perspective.


This is just like Adobe Fill wherein it allows you to be able to fill up and sign digital forms. One difference is that this has a very useful sharing function that allows you send the documents where they need to go right away. Also, you can send an unsigned document to people for them to sign. But the big difference is that the documents here comply with the eSign Act. This means that using this app to sign anything makes them legally binding.


It works with PDF, Word, and Excel files as well as some images.


Key Takeaway

As you can see, phones with styluses are the perfect device for both businessman and artists when used with the right apps. It’s a convenient way to sign big deals or express big feelings. So go out and buy one soon. The LG G Stylo is highly recommended.



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