Best Drinks in Different Countries

Alcohol, no matter what the variety, can definitely tickle anyone’s taste buds (and eventually, their brains). In fact, liquor in the Philippines alone can definitely tantalize both local and foreign drinkers; and speaking of that, alcoholic beverages hailing from faraway lands can definitely hold their own torches.

Each variety of alcohol from different corners of the globe have something to show off, hence their widespread recognition from their respective countries. If you’re up for a little trivia about alcohol, here are some of the best drinks from different countries around the world:

1. Lambanog (Philippines)

This drink is definitely the Philippines’ biggest pride. With an alcohol content of over 80 to 90 proof, this coconut wine can definitely turn some heads around. Indeed, dirty jokes and drunken mishaps run afoul with every sip of this drink.

2. Champagne (France)

This drink can definitely bring out the class and luxury out of any occasion. In fact, this is one of the most famous drinks for any grand occasion to date, whether it be a successful corporate meeting, a wedding, or even those occasions where you just feel like cracking open a bottle and enjoy the fizzy goodness.

One of the best things about champagne is its taste and flavor. Winemakers who specialize in making this very beverage add just a bit of sugar during the fermentation process, which in turn creates the sweet flavor everyone knows and loves. Just be sure to be extra careful when opening up a bottle as the pressure inside can be a bit frightening.

3. Sangria (Spain)

Wine is a great drink on its own; but with a bit of brandy and some fresh fruits mixed in it, then the result is this classy and tasty drink. For those who love to lounge by the pool at their favorite summertime resort, then this drink is definitely for you.

Sangria is the drink of the summer. Not only is it suited for that particular season, but pretty much any occasion you feel like it. In fact, if you’re feeling this drink in any way, don’t be afraid to go all-out with any ingredient of this drink, whether it be the wine, the brandy, or even the fruits. Just be sure to take it sip by sip.

4. Tequila (Mexico)

Nothing like a good old shot of tequila to get the party started! This drink is one of the strongest ones to ever exist, with an alcohol content of over 40%. As long as you practice proper moderation in drinking this, and as long as you have some lime and salt nearby, then every shot of this drink is guaranteed to be worth it. Bottoms up!

5. Bourbon (USA)

It’s already been established that the Americans are huge fans of this drink! They certainly love their alcohol.

In fact, what makes this drink great for every drinker out there is that it’s one of those alcoholic drinks that can be used in any way. It can be drunk, cooked with, baked with, and others of the sort. If you’re looking for variety in the American way, then this is the drink for you!

Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, liquor can be as diverse as you want. When it comes to drinks around the world, however, variety is ensured on a much grander scale; and with these 5 drinks, and other countries in the world, you’ll have no shortage of what you can find in alcohol.

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