Best Cars for Ladies

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Picking the right car is always a big challenge, as there are many things to consider before making the big choice. For most women, they look for cars that are practical and perform well on the road. Taking these things into consideration, cars like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, and the Ford Fiesta in the United States comes to mind. With so many cars in the market, the possibilities can almost be endless. Here are some of the best cars for ladies.

Honda Civic

One of the most popular sedans around, the Civic is a great example of a reliable car with solid performance. The latest model now has a revamped exterior, and a comfortable and spacious interior as well. When it comes to power and handling, it is one of the best in that category as well. You can never go wrong when it comes to the Civic.

Toyota Altis

Another Asian sedan staple, the Altis is a part of Toyota’s long tradition of creating reliable sedans over the past few decades. Like the Civic, the latest Altis model has revamped looks inside and out. With new technology being introduced in the latest models, you are sure that you are getting a car that is worth your money.

Honda Jazz

If you are looking for a small but reliable car that has both luxury and comfort, the Honda Jazz might be right up your alley. The Jazz is nimble and agile on the road, which comes in handy when you need to make some tight turns or have to park in a hurry. The interior has a good amount of room to fit things you need, like office materials, pets, and even groceries. Despite being small, the Jazz gives you the right amount of versatility you will need for your trips.

Kia Sportage

SUVs are versatile vehicles that allow you to go around different terrain, and being roomy enough to bring all the things you need for your adventure. The Sportage offers some quality interiors that are reminiscent of European sedans. Along with a great amount of style, you are guaranteed that you wouldn’t get stuck in muddy and rough terrain, thanks to its 4WD capability which allows it to traverse various surfaces you might encounter along the way.

Subaru Forrester

If you want a smaller model SUV that comes in at an affordable price, the Subaru Forrester offers you some great value. The Forrester has All Wheel Drive capability, which offer you great handling while on the road. You can also make use of it when going off-road during a nice out of town vacation. Interior-wise, it has a great cargo capacity for a compact SUV, with enough room for your friends, and the things that you’ll be bringing. The safety features are top-notch as well, making sure that you will feel secure during every drive. Overall, the Forrester is one solid SUV package that women will enjoy.

Key Takeaway

There are a lot of cars in the market today that women can choose, but these 4 vehicles are definitely the ones that would give you the best value for your money. If you are having trouble with picking the right car  for you consider these as your best options.


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