Benefits of Carpooling

Have you ever got stuck in traffic during one of your routine commutes, or got stuck while driving alone? In places like Metro Manila, traffic has become one of the biggest problems Filipinos face everyday, with thousands of Filipinos experiencing hours of traffic daily. There have been many attempts to improve the situation, like new traffic policies, but these have not been as effective as they should be. This makes commuting or driving a daily slog that eats up time and gas.

With the heavy traffic becoming a daily hassle for a lot of people, one of the best ways to avoid traffic and lessen cars on the road is through the use of carpooling. This means you and a group of friends or family will ride in a single vehicle going to work or school. There are many benefits that you can get through carpooling, and here are some of them.

Save up gas and time

One of the worst things about heavy traffic is that you would be using a lot of gas, and gas prices aren’t really on the cheap side. This would set you back a few hundred pesos every other day, and that’s definitely something that would eat up your expenses. Through carpooling, you would be able to save up more gas, as you are using a single vehicle with your friends and family on the way to work and school. This mean that gas money is divided into several people, which helps free up your wallet.

Carpooling also helps you save a good amount of time, because instead of having to commute individually, you are able to manage your travel time by travelling together. This works very well, especially if you and your friends are working or studying close by. Carpooling helps save you a lot of money yearly, and that amount you would be able to save up is quite a hefty sum.


Helps you relax more while travelling

Since commutes tend to be tedious and tiring, you really don’t have much room to relax. With carpooling, you would be able to ride in a comfortable vehicle on the way to work or school. This means having more time to relax and settle down on the way. You can also use the time to listen to some music and read some books too!


You get to meet new people!

Carpooling does not necessarily mean travelling with your friends and family, this can also be the opportunity to make new friendships with people who agreed to join in your carpool group. This would help you build some wonderful connections, and have a fun time during your daily commute.


Saving the environment

Carpooling is not only cost-effective, but it is also environmentally-friendly. If a lot of people would go carpooling, this would make roads less congested, which also means that there would be less carbon emissions, which are known to have adverse effects to the Earth’s atmosphere. By carpooling, you have an efficient method of travelling that helps the environment.


Key Takeaway

Carpooling is a very efficient, and budget friendly practice that helps lessen traffic, and make your daily commute much more comfortable. If you have been planning to do a carpool with your friends and family, now would be the best time to do so!


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