Team Batman or Team Super Man?


The limited edition sneakers of DC Comics characters like Batman and Superman came back to life again this year to ask you whether your team Batman or team Superman? This collection was initially launched last 2010 and this collection marked Converse’s  eight collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment.


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Batman sneaker  showcases the intriguing artwork designed by British comic artist Jock. Featuring two bold illustrations of Batman on either side, the iconic Batman logo is printed on the tongue of the sneaker, along the inner lining and on the laces.  Suggested Retail Price: Php 3,510.00 Sizing : 7-11 Mens


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Superman sneaker features artwork by Kenneth Rockfort  that highlights two different  images of Superman  on both sides of the sneakers . The iconic red and yellow S-Shield is printed on the tongue of the sneaker and includes a red lining with an allover printed logo. Suggested Retail Price: Php 3,510 Sizing : 7-11 Mens

Available in Converse brand stores and leading department stores nationwide! Visit for other sneaker designs!

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