Basic Maintenance Tips for your Home Power Tools

Working on a construction project or even just a DIY activity, power tools are your best bet in completing it with ease. However, you would need to give it the thorough care and maintenance that it needs in order for it to keep working to its tip-top shape.

You would think that doing this would require a large amount of your time but you are wrong. Sourcing out power tools from Philippine suppliers who are legit and solid in their services to give you the best crafting experience.

Find out the basic maintenance tips for your home power tools right here!

Clear Regularly

The best tool maintenance starts with the simplest method you can do. After using your power tools and storing it away, wipe dirt and particles from the outside casing either with a good cleaning cloth or an absorbent sponge.

You can also opt to clean it with compressed air so that it can clean the particles from the tool’s vents. Your power tools’ exhaust vents should be properly cleaned so that the dirt would not be pushed farther into the tool which will cause more damage later on.

Do not overwork your tool

Learn to cool down the tool after use after it has gone through enough stress on its motor and to prevent it from overheating. Working through a difficult material like drilling into concrete or sawing a strong wood will cause it to overheat if not cooled down after labor.

Keep in mind that you should not run a tool for too long, have quick breaks after a task so you will not risk overheating problems. This can save you from wearing out the motor on your power tool.


Lubricating your power tools can help ensure that its moving parts can work properly and with ease. When in doubt, check the owner’s manual that comes with the tool and read up on the manufacturer’s instructions on proper lubrication so you can keep the parts from chafing, heating, and corroding.

Battery Care

Maintaining the power standard for your power tools is the key to maintaining it and making sure that it still works effectively. To keep your power tool well maintained, manage the heat for the motor. You can prevent this from happening if you store your batteries in a climate controlled area, and avoid leaving it in places where the temperature tends to be high.

Observe Proper Tool Storage

Tool storage also plays a huge factor in maintaining your power tools. Store your tools in a dry, clean place and do not risk it from ruin by leaving it in an area where it can be wet. Failing to observe proper tool storage can lead to problems in electrical components and cause corrosion in the parts.

The power tools should be stored inside a case or cabinet after use which will help eliminate the intrusion of excess dust and particles which may get into the tools through the vents.

Key Takeaway

Power tools are a godsend for every task like home repair and maintenance or crafting your very own furniture. This is why you should properly maintain them for use so that you can ensure that you can use it longer and maximize its long-term benefits. Keep these basic maintenance tips in mind and you would not have a problem with your handy and efficient power tools.

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