Bag Terms: Things you need to know

Bag terms

Everybody has always been so confused about the classifications of bag like which is a hobo bag and a satchel bag and also there are many confusing terms like hardware or zipper reach. Here’s the list of term we need to know about bags.

Let’s first start with the kinds of BAGS:

Backpack –  you wear this bag on your back. It has two straps which gives the wearer a full support on the shoulder.
Baguette Bag – this bag is shape like a baguette bread. it’s small from the top and long on side to side.
Clutch Bag – this bag has no strap and it is used by holding it.
Doctor’s Bag – this bag has an easy access on all the things you needed since it has a large opening. This bag has a very stiff interiors and has a wide closure.
Duffel Bag – this bag is used is very spacious and it is rectangular in shape and two has handles.
Hobo – is a small or large shoulder bag which has one shoulder strap and has a top closure. It shape is like a crescent moon.
Satchel – this is a medium to large bag which has a flat bottom and has two straps. It has sling and carry strap.
Bucket Bag – this bag has a shape of a bucket and it has no top zip and and has a shoulder strap.
Bowling Bag – this bag has a shape like a bowling bags usually it has straps and it has half ball shape also.
Messenger Bag – Is a bag that lies across your body. It is spacious and has an adjustable long strap.
Sling Bag – it has a long strap like a messenger bag but not big like the messenger bag.
Wristlet – is smaller that clutch. It has a strap also so you could carry it on your wrist.

Now let’s know the meaning of bag parts and materials:

Canvass – is made of fabric but it has mostly made of synthetic fabric.
Compartment / Pockets – this is in the interior of the bags and mostly has a large section on the bag.
Clasp – this is made of metal that usually closes the bag.
Drawstring – is a string that closes the bag.
Feet – this are the hardware that you see on the bottom of the bag.
Hardware – this the metal parts of the this is usually made of metal brass.
Metal/ leather /plastic name plate – this plate is used to put on the brand name.
Quilted – this is a textured surface. It may have a diamond, parallel or square shape.
Satin Fabric – we mostly see satin fabric on the interior of our bag. It is a glossy piece of cloth.
Synthetic Leather – this is a man made leather.
Tassel – is an ornament on the bag and it is mostly made of thread and it is hang on the side of the bag.
Zipper Pull – is the handle that you pull when you open and close your zippered bag,
Zipper Reach – this is the full reach of the zipper of your bag. Mostly bag that has zipper should almost touch the edge of the bag.
Straps – are handle to carry your bag.

That’s it for now but I will update soon on parts,materials and kinds of bag. Hope you have learn something about this post :).



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