Bag Alert: New Longchamp Bags to love!

Hello dearies and fellow bag addicts!

I just having my late night shenanigans again because I can’t sleep and in pain again that is why I stalked Longchamp’s website to look for new bags to admire and hopefully soon to have haha!

So here are some amazing bags that I love to share with you and hopefully to buy it also when its on sale.

I’ve been dreaming to have Longchamp HÉritage ever since, but it so costly that I just want to buy Gucci bag rather than Longchamp. It is around $1,400 and that’s over my bag budget, but I would love to have it someday. That is why I was so uber wondering why some online sellers sells HÉRITAGE for 2,000- 5,ooo when it cost around 50,000 in Pesos.

Here are some photos for you to admire:


*photos are from

I’m now drooling for these bags! So here’s the next bag I’ve been dreaming of and I want it really badly.


*photo from

this collection has two colours which is ruby and khaki and I would love to have the khaki one. This bag cost around $350 and P16,000 in Peso, I haven’t seen these babies on the mall yet, but maybe it’s available in US and and other countries.

Hope you also have fun drooling and obsessing over these bags and soon (hopefully) I would review it and help you guys to check the knock offs!

Till then Bagista’s!

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