Baeby Baste is the newest face of NeuBake Super Slice by Gardenia

Baby Baste is known for his stint in the longest running noon time show, Eat Bulaga. He is really a crowd favorite and will always sing and dance in front of a lot of people.

I was not surprised that he and his mother was tapped to be the newest face of NeuBake Super Slice bread by Gardenia, since this little boy is also fond of eating (you can definitely see it in his body). His confidence, charm and wit really captures everyone’s heart.

Baste was really made for stardom, like the newest NeuBake Super slice, this big bread from Gardenia will surely capture our hearts because it’s just P29! If you have kids like mine who have a very big appetite this bread is a must on our grocery list. Imagine for 10 slices of bread you’ll just pay P29 for the white bread and P35 for the wheaten bread.

NeuBake is now available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores. Like Baste, discover why NeuBake is the super choice when it comes to bread. If Baste loves it, so will you!

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