Avida Land’s Southern Living Workshop Inspires Vacation-like Living in Tagaytay Condo Residence

What does it feels like to live where everyday is like a vacation? Is there such a place like that? I know of one place like this and have experience for a short time, what it feels like to live and enjoy everyday vacation living and its at Serin East TagaytayProperty.

It was a cozy Wednesday as we went up to Tagaytay. Despite warning of a bad weather, our mind wasn’t on it as the scenery that greeted us reminded us that we are no longer in the Metro and the air is fresh and the view is picturesque.

From Makati, going to the South seems more faster than going to Quezon City with traffic on a normal day. Traffic has always been a bane to metro dwellers. Leaving home for work and school and going back home seemed like a chore. By the time we should have been enjoying beiing at home, tiredness from all that traffic takes the fun away when we should have been enjoying the comfort of a blissful home before sleeping.

But what makes a home a blissful one? Avida Land, one of the leading mid-market real estate developers in the country, gave us a preview of what a blissful home could be at Serin East Tagaytay.

As we previewed the one bedroom model unit of Serin East Tagaytay, I can almost imagine the relaxed, laidback lifestyle of living in one. The unit is complete with Scandinavian interior furnishing with curated dining tablescapes prepared by influential online personality Martine de Luna of “Make it Blissful” If you are single or you’re just newly wedand about to start a family, this unit is very inspiring and perfect for you.


We then headed to BalayDako by Antonio’s for a hearty lunch. The fresh breeze of Tagaytay is a welcome change and even though the day is gloomy, the view of Taal Lake is still picturesque. Lunch was a happy affair and we are more than ready for De Luna’s home entertaining workshop.


It was fun learning the art of practical workshop on “Home Gathering,” and the art of creating intimate sit-down meals and small parties that celebrate slowing down and being at home. To quote Ms. Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing, this workshop inspiring homeowners with ideas on how to maximize their living space, and amplify their living experience by creating life moments at home.”

One of the most important things I’ve learned during the workshop aside from enjoying the comfort of a vacation lifestyle is preparing your home as if a guest is expected every day. Creating a meaningful home would mean treating your family as a guest of honor thus always making your home ready for guests.


Homemaking doesn’t have to be a gruelling job. It’s a practical love where you can make every little thing a nice decoration for your home. You only need to look around and that thing can make a great diffrence. After all big and expensive things are not necessary to mnake your home has the comfort of a vacation lifestyle.

Serin East Tagaytay stands on a quiet location at Brgy. Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City, Cavite which gives its residents a charming and relaxing atmosphere. The thoughtfully designed units, ranging from 22- to 62-square meters in floor space that’s bigger compared to Avida properties in the Metro, are perfectly comfortable for growing families and empty nesters.

The condominium also provides a variety of amenities that create a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle for the residents. These include a resort-type dipping pool, a multi-purpose clubhouse, and wide landscaped grounds lush with greenery. Residents can also easily enjoy modern living with the convenience of the nearby Ayala Malls Serin where they can indulge in community dining, entertainment, and shopping, as well as being in proximity to national highways and main roads that make travelling to other popular destinations effortless.

The entire Serin development, which includes Ayala Malls Serin, has been designed to blend in the rustic landscape of Tagaytay.Like all properties of Ayala Land, the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates, Avida’sSerinTagaytay promotes living in harmony with the environment. 


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