3 ESports Tournaments to Watch Out

There are numerous ways to show your love for gaming; and what better way to show that very love through a friendly competition? After all, there’s nothing like bringing the […]

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eSports Industry in the Philippines

As with all other articles related to this certain topic, it’s no argument or doubt that gaming has reached far and wide throughout society. Since 2017, eSports in the Philippines […]

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Tips On How To Memorize Faster

Studying is one of the basic responsibilities of a student, whether it be in a regular school, or an international school in Manila. Studying helps develop a student’s knowledge, and […]

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3 Annoying Officemates and How to Deal with Them

Working in a Philippine call center can definitely bring you a lot of perks and benefits. Not only will you be able to gain much experience in the field of […]

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Air Tools or Electrical Tools: Which Should You Choose?

Home improvement is something held in high regard by many craftsmen all around. With the abundance of electrical tools and equipment for all sorts of projects to undertake, there is […]

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How to Get the Best Wedding Caterer in Town

If there’s one thing that’s extremely critical in planning a wedding, that would be hiring the best wedding food catering in town. Well, it should be – as food and […]

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Coffee Mixes for Your Overnight Series Binge

  Are you a fan of Netflix and other online video streaming websites? If you answer yes, then most probably you are also a fan of binge watching – regardless […]

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First-Time Home Buyer Tips

Availing for New Manila townhouse, or any home in general for your own is nothing short of an accomplishment. Besides, if you’re planning to raise a family of your own, […]

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5 Things to Do With Old Baby Clothes

Items such as baby accessories and clothing are really fun to buy, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Tiny bracelets, hats, shirts, onesies, etc. could be tempting to buy because […]

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Cocktail Mixes You Should Try

There’s nothing like enjoying the smooth, yet fragrant intensities of alcohol! Anything from a simple bottle of beer, or even the finest bottle of Jack Daniel’s the Philippines has to […]

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Why China is Leading in Injection Molding

Plastic is one of the most reliable materials all over the world. It’s cheap, it’s sturdy, and above all, it can be used for any project you think of. With […]

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