Arcee Miranda

The head story teller of The Bag Investigator and the well known "How to spot the NOT!". A Chef, Makeup Artist, TaeKwonDo Jin, Cancer Warrior and a proud LGBT mom.

Why does the Mistress keeps on bothering and stalking the Mrs? + Does the Mistress feel threatened


A lot of married women will or are experiencing this once in their lives and it’s really bothering and life threatening to think that a woman can go down that path to stalk and keep on checking on the MRS specially now that we are in the age of Social Media we can stalk the …

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Loisa Andalio the newest face of Ever Bilena


There are a lot of beautiful faces in the showbiz industry, but makes one stand out among the crowd? I think it’s their persistent and dedication to their talent that can make them stand out among the crowd and that what makes Loisa Andalio the newest face of Ever Bilena. This girl has 574,000 followers …

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Happy 8th Birthday ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito!


The home of the finest, juiciest and yummiest burger and burrito is celebrating their 8th years of feeding hungry mouths. ArmyNavy unveils an exciting anniversary treat which will surely entice everyone to have more reasons to march to its nearest branch. Call your comrade and make the most of ArmyNavy’s B.U.D.D.Y. Promo valid until 31 March …

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Dangerous signs of Miscarriage


A healthy pregnancy is what all pregnant women want. Sadly though, there are some pregnant women who experience difficulty while they’re pregnant. Some of them are even advised to go on bed rest to avoid unwanted miscarriages. When a woman is pregnant, here are the dangerous signs that she should be watchful of. Bleeding – Bleeding …

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Landers Superstore to expand in Muntinlupa and Pasig


Inspired by the increase in spending power of Filipinos and the year on year growth in retail, Landers Superstore, the country’s fastest growing membership shopping establishment, recently announced its plans to expand to the southern and eastern part of Metro Manila. Backed by thorough research and the success of the first two superstores, Landers Superstore …

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Something new from Dencio’s Bar and Grill


Our favourite all time grill for the family and friends, Dencio’s Bar and Grill has been in the industry. Dencio’s has been there to celebrate with us during our special occasions, to chill or just catch up. Dencio’s is bringing to the table their newest offer, the Kilawin Bisya and the Krispy Embutido and featuring …

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Jollibee’s newest party theme for our little boys!


Jollibee has a new party for our little boys, because they are offering JolliRace. Our little boys will surely love the racetrack and Grand Prix experience. But don’t worry if you are a little girl attending the party because our best friend, Jollibee have new games, with a lot of balloons and the prizes are …

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ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe x Isabelle Daza + Rajo Laurel = Breaking Barriers


ASUS Philippines unveils their newest brand ambassador for ZenBook 3 Deluxe, Isabelle Daza and they have also collaborated with the premier fashion designer, Rajo Laurel for a much different, out of the box fashion show showing off the beauty, versatility and empowerment. The quality  and workmanship makes ASUS newest line of laptop and Rajo Laurel’s …

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Why forbidden love affects the children than the wife


When a woman or a man decided to enter a relationship which is forbidden, most of the time the children are the one suffering from it. And it is really a grave offense not because you are ruining a child’s life, but you are making them think that entering such a relationship is okay and …

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Things why your man didn’t fight for your love


The title seems to tell the story behind it, but this one is a wife’s perspective to why most husbands stays and fights for their family. I compiled the answers from my readers and followers who have experience this. There are a lot of things why most men choose to end their relationship to their …

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