AUB partners with MasterCard to offer the easiest and flexible credit card for every Juan.

Asia United Bank (AUB), one of the country’s fastest-growing universal bank partnered with MasterCard to offer a very personalised and flexible credit card which is the very first in the industry.

AUB Easy MasterCard allows cardholders to choose the mode of credit card payment and how much they can pay on a monthly, semi-monthly or weekly basis. Plus! you can also choose the day on when are you paying.

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“At AUB, we always strive to deliver technologically advanced, best-in-class, and innovative products and services to provide real solutions to our customers. This philosophy has guided us in designing the AUB Easy MasterCard, which has features that directly address the concerns of our cardholders.” said AUB President Abraham T. Co. “We are confident that the introduction of the AUB Easy MasterCard will not only change the way we perceive and use credit cards, but will be a game changer in the credit card industry as well.”

The AUB Easy MasterCard offers cardholders total control over three key aspects of credit card bill management and payment:

  1. Cardholders can choose how often to pay: monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly;
  2. Cardholders can choose exactly when to pay. If monthly, they can choose from the 1st to 30th of the month as due date. If semi-monthly, they can choose from pre-defined sets of payment dates. As some people get their salaries or commissions on a weekly basis, they can also choose any day from Monday to Sunday as their due date; and
  3. Cardholders can choose from affordable fixed monthly, semi-monthly, and weekly payments where the amount due is the same every payment due date regardless of the total transaction within the cut-off date.

The AUB Easy MasterCard is also fully loaded and comes with an exciting Rewards program, an electronic statement, and an “All-Ur-Bills” feature that lets cardholders charge utility bills to the card.

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The card is also EMV chip-enabled and has a MasterCard 3D Secure, another layer of security for OnLine transactions. Since the card bears the MasterCard logo, AUB Easy MasterCard cardholders can enjoy global acceptance, take advantage of local and international MasterCard promotions, and use their card in retail outlets in more than 210 countries, as well as in online shopping sites that accept MasterCard.

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“The AUB Easy MasterCard was developed in response to the real sentiments and demands of the ordinary consumer,” explained AUB Credit Cards Business Head, Mags Surtida. “It ensures that the card payment is always within the cardholders’ budget and availability of funds. No bill shock, no surprises, and no stress when the bill arrives. By giving cardholders real control and flexibility, the AUB Easy MasterCard will definitely change the way we manage our credit cards and finances.”

The AUB Easy MasterCard is the latest addition to AUB’s family of innovative products. AUB, the banking arm of the Rebisco group, has a solid reputation of leveraging on technology to deliver a seamless banking experience for its customers.

To apply for an AUB Easy MasterCard, go to or call 282-8888.


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