ASUS ZenFone Max Plus x Vainglory teamed up for hardcore mobile gamers.

With the mobile gaming industry hitting it big and growing increasingly competitive in the local scene now more than ever, it has become a necessity for avid mobile gamers to have a device that offers the best and most optimized gameplay experience. And this quest for the elusive smartphone most fit for mobile gaming seems to have finally ended, what with the recent introduction of the “Battery King with Full View Display”, the ASUS ZenFone Max Plus. This particular quest was on full display, as ASUS Philippines recently held the first-ever MAX ESPORTS: Vainglory Tournament, with the ZenFone Max Plus front and center of this thrilling experience.

The Max Esports: Vainglory Tournament was conceived through a collaboration between ZenTalk Philippines – the official Online Community of ZenFone Philippines – and international game developer, Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC), creators of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) perfected for touch, Vainglory.


The action-packed exhibition matches were nothing less than adrenaline-pumping 3-vs-3 showdowns between 4 teams made of select media, ZenFan, and members of the local Vainglory community. These lucky few were able to experience first-hand just how smooth and optimal their gameplay was using the ZenFone Max Plus. Vainglory’s full line-up of heroes was exclusively unlocked for this special tournament, adding more thrill among the players as they battled it out on Halcyon Fold. In addition, Darwell “Asurai” Llerena, one of the finest esports shout casters in the country, was also on-board to host the tournament.


The first battle of the semi-finals was between Team Zen and Team Go. Team Zen was composed Sionne Miranda from The Bag Investigator, Chester Labaco from Hungry Geeks, and Cyrus Villegas from the Vainglory community. Their opponent, Team Go, had Darwin del Rosario from Filipino Tech Addict, Emman Tortoza from Gadget Pilipinas, and Matthew Garcia – another name from the Vainglory local community – on board.

Team Go’s Darwin del Rosario of Filipino Tech Addict and ZenFan all smiles, but all business in the preliminary round of the 

Max esports Tournament

Both teams were cautious during the early stages of the game with both teams gauging each other resulting into just a few clashes after first blood. Team Go took down their first turret, and followed it up with a double kill. Moments later, Team Zen finally managed to take down their first turret.

Team Go, then, retaliated swiftly with a triple kill as well as the destruction of another turret. After Team Go captured the Kraken, Team Zen’s last two turrets, along with their Vain Crystal, fell easily in one swoop, which ensured Team Go’s place in the final.

Afterwards, the second match ensued between Team Max’s Aci Borneo of Acigirl, Duey Guison of Unbox.PH, and Nico Guarte of NicDroid up against Team Zoom’s Christian Pena of TechbeatPH, Adrian Ayuyac of Ungeek.PH, and Vincent Haoson of DAGeeks.

Team Zoom gave absolutely no mercy, racking up 12 kills in the first 5 minutes alone. Unable to counter Team Zoom’s superior hero line-up and strategy, Team Max’s defenses began to fall one by one. With an astounding 0-36 kill count and an average of 2.5 kills per minute, Team Zoom destroyed their competitor’s Vain Crystal in just over 13 minutes, ending the game and leaving the other teams in utter shock as they cement they a spot in the finals.


The first game of the finals was Team Zen and Team Max’s last chance for a third place finish, as the two teams lost their chance to enter the finals. Team Zen went for a straight killing spree with 8 kills in 5 minutes. Displaying a great team strategy, Team Zen completely dominated Team Max and finished the game in 3rd place with a 31-0 kill count.


The finals had a rapid pace, with Team Go quickly scoring a double kill, and snuck in another one a few minutes into the finals game. With excellent team play, they quickly racked points from double and triple kills. This further extended their advantage.

The Ultimate Champions of the Max esports Tournament, Team Go’s Darwin del Rosario, Matthew Garcia, and Emman Tortoza, flanked by ZenTalk Community Specialist, Meldon Quindoy and Technical PR Specialist, Nikko Reducto 

By late game, Team Go dominated the match. After a triple kill and another full wipe in the jungle, Team Zoom’s heroes were unable to respawn in time to defend their turrets. After a defense attempt thwarted by yet another double kill by Team Go, Team Zoom’s Vain Crystal fell, and Team Go seized the championship, with Team Zoom securing 2nd place.


“Playing with the ZenFone Max Plus was fun because the movements were really smooth and controls were accurate. I did not encounter problems at all,” said Matthew Garcia, long-time player of Vainglory.

Known as one of the newer addition to the line-up of “Battery Kings”, the ASUS ZenFone Max Plus was put to the test. With its 1.5GHz octa-core CPU 4GB of RAM, this new royal offers an accurate and responsive gameplay as well as an immersive graphics with the 18:9 Full View FHD+ Display. All of these come together for the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

“For the past year we have witnessed how esports took the country by storm and, truth be told, right now we are considered to be one of the biggest markets for mobile games in Southeast Asia. Our newest Battery King, the ZenFone Max Plus, is a match made in heaven for gamers who look for a weapon that offers great full view display for immersive game play and massive energy that ensures victory,” said Anvey Factora, Head of Marketing of ASUS Philippines Systems Group.

“We are expecting that mobile gaming will be even bigger in the upcoming years in the country and ASUS ZenFone will definitely develop more ground-breaking and powerful devices that will cater to the evolving needs of Filipino consumers,” Factora concluded.

Taewon Yun, the General Manager of Global Publishing for Super Evil Megacorp., expressed his excitement during the collaboration and was quite impressed with the prowess that the ZenFone Max Plus displayed.

“We believe that mobile devices will be the main gaming platform for the next generation,” Yun stated. “Vainglory brings the undiluted, no-compromises multiplayer gaming experience to mobile gamers everywhere, with a new 5v5 mode. The launch of devices like ZenFone Max Plus resonates with our vision and paves the way for mobile esports.”

Catch the real-time gameplay on the ASUS Philippines official Facebook page.


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