ASUS ZenFone 3 Series + Philippine launch of Zenvolution

Yesterday was a big blast after the much awaited and anticipated launched of the third generation of gadgets from ASUS was launched. It was a rainy day yesterday, but I alway support products that I believe and love to use, that is why despite the harsh weather I push through going to the event.

The event started at around 3:00 P.M. for the Zenvolution launched, but they have given the media sometime to chitchat and have the first dibs with the newest third series they have in store for the avid users and customers.

What I really love among the gadgets I saw yesterday was the ASUS ZenBook 3 and the ZenFone 3 Ultra. I love that the ZenBook 3 is much lighter that my Macbook Air which I can say now I am thinking of going to buy one to replace my beloved Macbook Air, while the ZenFone 3 Ultra is super big for my hands because it’s a Phablet, but I love how I can do so much thing to it, specially when I am watching my favourite tv series online.

ASUS Corporate Heads
ASUS Corporate Heads showing their newest products

The newest series was much awaited and anticipated, I was really shocked of the prices for their newest ZenFone 3 phones because the lowest was ZenFone 3 Max at P8,995 and the highest P32,995 for the ZenFone Ultra. Though, I was really enlighten when I got the chance to took photos and check out the ZenFone Ultra because as of now no smart phone can compete with it, it’s like a beast with performance and agile as a juvenile lion. That’s how great and powerful the newest line of ZenFone3.

And since I didn’t go to COMPUTEX 2016 last May I haven’t got the chance to see Mr. Jerry Shen the CEO of ASUS in person and we (the Philippines) was really lucky because despite the harsh weather Mr. Shen graced the event complete with the Taiwanese group of ASUS and my ever favourite Mr. George SU.

So here’s the latest from ASUS ZenFone 3 + prices:

It was my first time to attend a grand launched for ASUS and it’s really nice how they value their fans and invite them to witness a very big and memorable event like yesterday. I was privilege to witness and have my first touch with their newest line of gadgets which really can compete with Apple.

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