Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin on PLL

PLL or Pretty Little Liars is one of the many American series that I watch. Every episode is so thrilling specially when finding out who “A” is. Every episode, I always try to concentrate on watching it but I always end up looking at Ashley Benson’s purse. She was always the classy and really “kikay” in the group aside from Aria (Lucy Hale). Hanna Marin always have a really cool bag in her arm every episode. Here are some of my favorites:

tumblr_mp0kk2Pijz1svr6ezo1_500I super love this purple dome bag from Rebecca Minkoff. It’s really spacious and classy but with a hard rock side because of the studs. The color is really soothing to the eyes.


This one is an Aldo bunger bag. It’s handy as you see it in her hand, it’s not big like the other one but what makes this bag unique is it’s color with it’s white, blue, yellow, red, pink and green combination it’s really one of a kind.


And look at this! This is a Rebecca Minkoff Bonnie Satchel in Rose Gold. I think Ashley loves Rebecca Minkoff so much this is the second bag from Rebecca Minkoff. I adore this bag, the color and the space of it any working mama would love this! You can put anything on it and the you can use it for casual and also if you have meetings to attend. That’s why I’m so much in love with Hanna Marin the chicness of her fashion and the bags she’s carrying around is always a work of art for me. That’s it for now for Ashley but you know her she always have something to flaunt on!

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