As our Parents said “Patience is a virtue”

I think any generation will attest to this statement, I remember my mom and dad will always tell me that I need to be patience on things around me and I think that’s on all aspect of life.

Patience is needed even in dieting, if you wanted to have a fair skin and even in love. That is why Silka whitening soap’s newest campaign #NagmadaliNagkamaliMoment makes Filipino realize that everything in life needs patience.

What’s the best thing about their newest campaign is that they get Yassi Pressman as their newest brand ambassador. She’s the most sought-after leading lady of her time. She maybe young, but she’s at the peak of her career that’s why most of the time she don’t have time for more sleep and rest, so most of the time she rush things and mostly she’ll end up not happy with the result.

“I remember minsan nung nag diet ako, minadali ko, then after 3 days bumalik lang din agad” Yassi Shares.

I noticed that she has a very glowing skin, even if she has little to no sleep at all. Her secret ever since is, Silka. She and her sister has been using Silka Soap when they were still little and that’s what enhances her white skin, because Silka is packed with papaya enzymes for exfoliation and Vitamin E for moisturizing. That’s why Silka is not just for those who wanted to have a fair skin, but also to those who wants to maintain their skin color. That’s why Yassi is the best choice for Silka, she embodies what the company believes in.

If you want a skin like Yassi’s, Silka is available in all Supermarket and Groceries nationwide.

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