Anti-Carnapping Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

It doesn’t matter if your car is old or new — cars are always at risk of being stolen. Carnappers are always around the corner, and they will not hesitate for a second to steal a car or any car parts, if given the opportunity. Be it in broad daylight or pitch black evening, these people don’t think twice when it comes to carnapping.

Carnappers are too good when it comes to selecting their victims. They can identify if a car is vulnerable, and precisely when to make their move. Once the owner gets back and sees that his car is gone, he can do nothing but hope that a surveillance camera captured what happened.

One would think that everything is solved by simply locking the car door. This can only do so much, as carnapping professionals will always find a way inside the car. To protect your car from such individuals, here are some tips you should try:

Always Park at a Safe Place

In the eyes of a car thief, when you park at a dark and isolated place, you’re asking for it. The moment you turn your back on your car and start walking, it has effectively been stolen.

As much as possible, only park at safe places or designated parking spots with security guards nearby. It isn’t advisable to stay inside the car when parked in suspicious places either, because a carnapper might bring someone else to prevent you from escaping while he tries to break your windows.

If your car breaks down somewhere that isn’t safe, then call for help while inside the car. Don’t risk yourself by going outside and trying to fix it.

Install Security Alarms

It’s a truth that a carnapper will try to break into your car if you turn your head for a second. However, thieves are a cowardly lot — they will flee the moment they feel like they are at risk of being caught.

If a carnapper relishes in the shadows and in silence, then you should strip them of both.

By installing security alarms, you will not only be scaring the carnapper away, you will alert bystanders that someone’s hands are somewhere they shouldn’t be. If you’re lucky, someone might even tell you what the culprit looks like, which could help track him down and have him arrested.

 Do Not Stop for Strangers

You might encounter someone on the side of a highway, waving his hands at your car, apparently asking for help. Now, that person might actually be in need, but it could also be an ambush just waiting for a victim. For your own sake, you will be much better off calling the authorities to report the incident.

You may think that you would only be helping a person in need, but remember that carnappers have other methods of stealing cars aside from breaking into vehicles left in the darkness.

An accomplice in hiding could jump you and steal your keys while you’re trying to help the other person, and, unless you have superhuman strength, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Do yourself a favour, and just call the authorities.

 Stay Alert for Tailing Vehicles

 It may be a bit difficult notice this in the middle of a highway, but always keep an eye out for the cars behind you. One of them might have been tailing you for the last 15 minutes, and you still haven’t noticed.

If you want to find out if you are being followed, then take four right turns. This will supposedly put you back on your original route, so if the car is still on your tail, then he definitely is following you.

Again, do not stop and confront the driver. Continue driving, and report to the police that someone is following you. Let them know your location, or let them know if you intend to lead the car to somewhere they can be caught.

 Keep Your Car Keys Secure

 Whoever has the keys to your car practically owns your car. If you don’t have them, then start looking for them.

Destroying the windows and hotwiring are not the only methods that carnappers use to steal cars. Sometimes, they will resort to steal the keys from you first. Other times, they will make a scene while a companion steals the keys without you noticing, then run off with your car. In any case, say goodbye to your keys.

When exiting your car, keep the keys in your hand and lock as soon as you shut the door. Quickly put them in your pocket, while still holding them in your hand. When entering, unlock your door with your hand still in your pocket. Never bring out your keys unless you’re in a secure place.

Key Takeaways

 You can never be too confident that your car is safe. Carnappers are extremely unpredictable, and are lurking everywhere. The only people you can trust on the road are yourself and the authorities, so keep an eye out for people that shouldn’t be where they are.

Always keep your keys secure, and be sure to install security alarms. Be very careful and don’t give carnappers any window of opportunity to steal your car; this will ensure they won’t be successful in taking your car with them.


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