Anna Paquin loves Chloé Marcie Shoulder Bag

I’ve been a True Blood fan ever since I watched an episode on HBO then I started searching the net on where I can watch it from the start until the latest episode. I was so in love with her character as Sookie Stackhouse, she was this telephatic girl in a small town and met Bill Compton, a vampire. She was into bill since day one since she can hear his mind. It was really a crazy love story but worth watching. So, after being an avid fan I started looking at Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s photos online. Here are some of my fave outfit of Anna Paquin with her love for Chloé Marcie Shoulder Bag.

She can wear anything she wants because she can flaunt it specially with her Chloé Marcie bag.
Shorts and a leather jacket plus her Chloé Marcie bag that’s Anna Paquin’s Casual look and I love it! 🙂 Simple yet elegant.
A scarf day and windy day with her Chloé Marcie bag on her hand.
Simple Tank top and shorts plus her Chloé Marcie bag.
A skirt, a leather jacket plus a scarf and her Chloé Marcie bag is PERFECT.
Marc Jacobs (jacket) plus her Chloé Marcie shoulder bag.


I love seeing. She was really simple yet elegant and knows how to put unique pieces all together and everything is detailed and personal to her. That’s why I so love her, everything about her look is really simple and very elegant. And hoping someday I could meet her. 🙂

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