Allura: Shaping body and shaping lives


It’s not easy losing weight specially if you cannot do some exercise. As we aged our body’s metabolism is slowing down and it can cause us to store more fats. It’s been almost five years since I do some exercise due to my condition and since I am also taking steroids for my back, it surely increases my weight and built massively. I am not a heavy eater and I am not into surgical way of losing weight. That is why when I heard about Allura I got curious about it.


Allura aims to provide a non-surgical way of keeping your body in shape. They help their clients to look and feel great. They are not just professionals, but they give value to their customers. They also provide a long lasting result for their customers.


In Allura they don’t just made you sexy or slender, but they also shape your lives too, by bring the utmost confidence back to their customers and for those who are afraid to go surgery they are assuring you that it is 101% non-surgical procedure and safe. The doctors they have in Allura are licensed and well trained and they know what plan should be done to you (not just hula hula).

When I hear Allura, I am now thinking it’s affordable, they will renew and reshape who I am. here are some of celebrity and non-celebrity testimony:



Another popular demand from ALLURA is the Radio Frequency method which effortlessly gets rid of the cellulite and local fat tissues safely. It is effective, extremely safe, painless and mild with its special cooling method, no bandage, no bruising, no bleeding and no pain.

This treatment was used by actress Christine Reyes to tighten her upper arms. She also used the UltraShape Machine, which destroyed fat on her tummy and flanks.

She further had Endermolgie to address her cellulite problem on her thighs. The Endermologie Machine employs vacuum energy mechanical rollers. It corrected the fat cell accumulation and too much fluid retention (edema) on her thighs.

Cathy Joy Amparo testimonial
Cathy Joy Amparo


Meanwhile, our VASER® Shape is one of the newest trends that our clinic carries and is currently a hit with clients for its rewarding results. It is a non-surgical body-sculpting treatment that uses ultrasound and massage to treat unwanted fat and improve the appearance of cellulite.

With VASER® Shape, the ultrasonic therapy heats the deep layers of the skin, causing the underlying fat cells to break apart. The non-surgical body contouring massage helps the lymphatic system drain away the excess toxins and fats and increase blood circulation in the area. The VASER shape treatment reduces “pinchable” fat, tightens skin, and improves the appearance of cellulite. Many people notice tightening after their first session, and you are able to resume normal activities immediately without pain or downtime.

In fact, immediate results can be seen and felt in just 1 session! One happy customer, Kristen B.  shared how thankful she is with this treatment as it helped eliminate her “beer belly”. “Now, you can see my hips, ribs and my whole stomach is defined!! Monique [ALLURA staff] was awesome and I can fit into my skinny jeans!!” Kristen added.

These treatment machines are US/Europe BFAD approved which guarantees the safeness of all our procedures. We acquired the machines from the inventor/discoverer of the technology and hence the treatments have sound scientific principles. And these technologies have made thousands of our customers realize that losing weight does not require them to starve themselves, or allot lengthy hours at the gym, or undergo those delicate bloody surgical operations because ALLURA has given them a safe and convenient alternative!

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