Achieve your bucket list with FWD and win awesome prizes!

Do you have a bucket list? Me? I don’t have, I just want to live life as it is, but would want to make it more adventurous and exciting. If you have bucket list what’s in it? Maybe a little friendly competition with a friend or climb the highest mountain?

FWD Life Philippines launched the “Lifetime of Possibilities” campaign that encourages people—you—to just seize the moment, to say yes to every adventure, with nary a worry or fear, and to stop thinking and just start doing. No more excuses. No more reasons. No more complaining that you don’t have the time, no money, no opportunity. All you really need to do really is to start—save up for that dream trip, join a writing class, learn to play the guitar. It doesn’t matter if you achieve it in one go or one step at a time. What’s important is you have taken the step to making things happen.

And to reward people who are already embracing life’s possibilities and checking items off in their bucket lists, FWD Life Philippines is giving away, on Instagram, free trips, airline tickets, and bucket list gear, every month, from August 23 to December. There will 10 winners every month and one winner of a trip to a mystery destination at the end of the year, to be chosen from all entries.

To join the Lifetime of Possibilities IG contest, just post a picture or a video of you achieving a bucket list, follow FWD Life Insurance Philippines (@fwdlife_ph) on Instagram; include #FWDBucketListMoment#FWDLifetimeofPossibilities, and tag three friends.

So go ahead and start achieving. After all, life is what happens to us while we are busy making plans. Seek adventure, seek excitement, and do them now! Rewards come to those who have lived their lives to the fullest!


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