Achieve beautiful skin and a healthy body with Misso Seed-to-Oil Extractor!

I’ve been an avid fan of essentials oil ever since I was called ate (big sister) by someone who looks so old of her age, but to be honest I started being conscious f my skin when I was in my early 20’s and up to now I’ve been seeing a lot in the market essential oils that will surely bankrupt my bank account.

I have this new discovery were you can extra oil from seeds like chia, flax and sesame which is really beneficial to our healthy and beauty routine. Imagine you’ll just need this machine and your essential oil will be as natural as it is. The machine I was talking about is the new Misso s2o or Seed-to-oil extractor.

Mr. YS Kim the inventor and ceo of Misso s2o

MISSO®, according to its president and inventor, Youn Soo Kim, means “beautiful and it makes you younger.” The Korean inventor had travelled all the way from South Korea to the Philippines to bring his invention and make it as a good household appliance for every Filipino family to provide the natural oil extracted right inside your home. “When you use MISSO®, our products, you will become more beautiful and younger.”

Chef Chad Datu and Chef Louise Mabulo also did some amazing food with essential oils that they extracted from the new Misso s2o

Did you you?

Chia Seed is considered as the super moisturizer and it contains omega-3 for brain function improvement.

Black Sesame Seed is known as the reversing agent of graying hair and it can also relieves arthritis.

White Sesame Seeds can reduce wrinkles and is also a good cure to sleep disorders.

Flax Seeds reduces cellulites and aids in weight loss.

Koreans are notable for having beautiful skin and most Hollywood actresses like Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Stone are avid user of seed oil extracts. Now, with Misso s2o you don’t need to by expensive oil products that we don’t know if its natural. Most products in the market have harmful chemicals that brings our skin to a greater problem, but with Misso s2o you just need to buy the seed and extract it yourself.


If you buy your Misso s2o now you’ll save P1,800 if you pre-order the Misso s2o. You’ll just pay P16,199 and get a free starter kit with your machine!

MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation.  IAJ Wellness Corporation is also the distributor of premium brands like Australian appliance brand- Breville, Goodsphere, the air-revitalizer and a proud member of the WOW Group. To know more about Misso s2O, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @MissoPH.


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