The Bag Investigator is a Modern Mommy Lifestyle blog which tackles about bags, mommy issues, lifestyle, tech, beauty and food. It aims to provide modern/millennial mommies a view of what is the latest offering in the market of new products. It also aim to provide knowledge on how to spot the FAKE bags.

The Bag Investigator also do reviews, mystery dinning, video blogging and a lot more. This blog also talks about all her mommy experiences and promote the products that she believes in.

The Bag Investigator is a family effort blog and they also now have four contributors who writes about useful facts about our daily lifestyle. The Miranda’s  and their contributors work hand in hand to help brands to reach their target market and to provide detailed and in time information of the latest beauty, food and tech products.

For your questions, suggestions, violent reactions, advertising inquiries, product reviews, events and sponsors hip please feel free to contact me at thebaginvestigator@gmail.com .

You can also check my media kit here and other information about why you want to work with us.

For bag checking and other concerns about bags you can download our app on Google Play and iTunes.



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