A delicious way to eat healthy + first week of eating Delicious Diet

Just this year, I became a plus woman due to steroids that I take orally and through inject. This is because of my lumbar bulge and slipped disc. It’s really hard for me, I was a TaeKwonDo Jin and I am used to do heavy work out and after I was diagnose with bone problems, I need to stop doing such work out, plus with the steroids going into my system, I can see I go big everyday and just this year I hit a massive realization that I am so fat and almost all my clothes don’t fit anymore.

After I received a go signal from my doctor that I can take yoga or pilates classes. I instantly enrolled, but pilates is not sufficient because most of the time I eat a lot of unhealthy foods. Thankfully I discover Delicious Diet, it is an online healthy food stop that will surely make you think that eating healthy is as tasty and delicious as those of fast food that just offers oil and all unhealthy stuff.

At first, I have a really hard time adjusting to eating brown rice. I find it tasteless, weird looking and not appetising, but I told my self I need to do this, I need to eat healthy to be healthy also. So here’s my 5 days meal from Delicious Diet:


I never thought that eating healthy is still scrumptious, I have partnered with other diet meals online, but I am not happy with their food and they only served 3 meals, but Delicious Diet serves 4 course meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner). I also love prompt their delivery service is because they are always on time. And I just recently knew that brown rice makes me feel full rather that white rice (which I think is very awesome and good for the body) I also noticed that I poop regularly now than before I tried Delicious Diet.

I also wanted to share with you that with just a week of eating and doing pilates I my weight goes down from 75 kilos to 73 kilos, it may be just a little, but I love that I am eating healthy and doing exercise now.

Catch up next week to have more story on my weight loss journey!

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