A celebration worth Remembering

Last Monday, I celebrated my 27th birthday, I did not splurge on luxurious things. I celebrated with some of the kids in our barangay. It’s like a feeding program, but I fed them spaghetti and give some of the Bonakid samples that I got from Lariza and to the Bonakid event. I love seeing their smile when they get the food as if it was a magical gift or an extravagant food. I did this to give thanks for another year and for all the blessings that has come my way. I did not pray and wish for all the good things that happened in my life, but I know God has better plans for me. I am thankful for the added year and most of all I am happy to help other people who are much in need (hindi po ako tatakbo sa election). I have a soft spot too, even if I am strong looking on the outside. I may not be able to feed all of the kids in our barangay but I know somehow they enjoy and love what I did for them (Next time I will find a sponsor para mas marami ang matulungan ko). Indeed I had a blast on my special day and I will always treasure those smiles that I got from those children. It was indeed a celebration worth remembering!

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Children are great imitators.So give them something great to imitate.





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