8 Tips To Save In Buying School Supplies

8 Tips To Save In Buying School Supplies

Shopping for school supplies is a big blow to the annual finance of a family. It would be really helpful to find ways to save money. However, you also wouldn’t want you child to end up with low quality school supplies that could hinder him from being an efficient student. International brands of supplies may have the best quality but could prove to be expensive. Luckily there are ways for you to find the best products at really cheap prices.


Look for Old Supplies First

Take a look around your home first before heading to the store. You might find some spare, unused reusable materials just lying around.


There are no One Stop Shops

You’ll definitely pay more if you only stick to shopping at one single store. Explore other stores and see where the best sales are. Some stores may cut the prices on pens and others on notebooks. Go to a mall/commercial area with multiple bookstores to check out their best deals so you could economically purchase your supplies.


Price Alerts

Similarly, you could do the same for online stores especially with expensive gadgets such as scientific calculators.  You can do this by using price tracking websites. The advantage of these websites is they usually have a price alert feature which notifies you of any sale that offers products within your desired price range. All you have to do is sign up and properly set up your preferences.


Office Supply Stores

Being that the office and the school use similar supplies, you can do back-to-school shopping in office supply stores. You may be surprised to find that they may have better deals than bookstores. This is because they don’t feel the need to inform people of their price cuts on their supplies since the back-to-school shoppers aren’t part of their market.


Try to Avoid Cartoon Characters

Adding cartoon characters or similar children’s icons to school supplies is the companies’ way of getting 20-30% more money out of parents. Just buy the regular supplies and cheap stickers of your children’s favourite characters so they can design them themselves.


It will also help to leave your kids at home when you do your back-to-school shopping. When you get home, you can show them all the supplies you’ve bought to help them get fired up for the school year.



A simple way to save money is to discipline your children. You may be tempted or pressured into buying things they do not need. Here are some sub-tips to help you do this:

  • Allow your kids one extra purchase aside from the absolute necessities.
  • Have your kids pay for the things they want while you pay for what they need.
  • Refuse to buy them what they want to teach them money management early on in their lives.


Quality over Quantity

While the cheapest items are the goal, you must also look at other factors such as warranties and durability. If a product looks like it will last for a long time, then it will be worth spending a few extra bucks on it. Doing so will reduce problem of having to restock the supplies all the time.


Shop At Garage Sales

While garage sales and thrift stores are probably not the best places for pens and notebooks, sturdy supplies such as shoes, bags, and clothing could be treasures you could find in such places. It could take some time for you to find good deals here but it will be worth it when you find top quality items for really cheap prices.


With these tips, there is no need for you skip out on giving your child the best quality supplies he needs for school. All you need is time and patience.

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