7 Tips to Manage Your Time at the Office Wisely

Are you always cramming at the office? This may be due to mismanagement of your time at work. Not being able to meet the deadline on the allotted date is a sign of outperformance, thus, if you want to have good feedback at your evaluation – maybe it’s time for you to master the art of time.

Arguably, there are a lot effective time management tips you can find on the internet and books, but not all of them may work for you as it did for others. To save you from the agony of mismanaging your time at work and further wasting your time, here’s a list that you can rely on.


  1. Know your priorities for the day. A rule of thumb you might have been missing in managing your time is prioritizing important over menial tasks. You can list down all your tasks from complicated down to the easiest one, and work on the complicated ones first – as these are the most crucial to complete.

You can then move over to the easy tasks until you finish them. Or if you don’t, then at the very least you have succeeded in working on what’s important for the day.


  1. Stock enough sleep. A good 7-8 hours of sleep will help you revitalize for the day, and be more productive at work. Thus, it is important to avoid sacrificing sleep for a longer work time because the truth is – it doesn’t work.
  2. At least, say ‘no.’ This goes way back to tip #1. When you already know your priorities for the day, learn to say no to further requests. Even though committing to a lot of tasks may help you manage your time, having too much in your plate isn’t good for the practice. In the first place, you understand the weight of your tasks better than any other person at the office, hence know that you are rightful to decline. Otherwise, you will only waste a lot of time.
  3. Start early. While some tasks may seem easy, this may just be a point of view. Starting early in the morning has proven effective time management – avoiding procrastinating before starting with your work is a really good practice to finish all your tasks allotted for the day.startup-photos
  4. Avoid consuming too much time on unimportant details. One thing you may be guilty about is being perfectionist with your work. While a clean work is your utmost goal for the day, you may have been doing it wrong. You can push forward with your work and avoid going back to the details that you aren’t comfortable with unless you are done with the whole thing.

In the first place, you can always scan through your work after it’s completed and revise it.

  1. Eliminate any sort of distraction. While it may be tempting to take a sneak peek on your smartphone every now and then, you have to understand it wouldn’t be much of use to you and your workload. If you need to, it would be helpful to track your own self-induced interruptions as being aware of how much time you spend on such things will help you maximize your time for productivity.
  2. Enjoy your work. What may be among the most common factors that drains you out at work and may have been the reason that you are not being productive is that you are not enjoying what you’re doing. Most people have the same old problem, but you have to know that to be able to work right – you need to enjoy it first.


Key Takeaway

Mastering time management may not be an overnight success – but working on it day by day with the above listed tips will help you achieve a productive day at work you’re most longing for.


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