6 Social Media Tactics That Might Be Ruining You

Being the social media capital of the world, the Philippines has digital marketing agencies left and right. However, this heavy use of social media can actually hurt digital marketing mainly because of excessive promotions. The key a good online presence is knowing what, when, and where to post. Going overboard with the intention to get more traction can actually lead to less of it. Here are a few examples of bad social media tactics.

  1. Using Automation

Automating posts is tempting to do in order to save time but it prevents you from engaging with your audience in real time and relating to current events; both of which are crucial in building good relationships with your audience. While it is alright to automate certain posts such as announcements, having real-time dialogue is more recommended.


  1. Sending DMs

It is important to be mindful of social media etiquette. In the world of Twitter, this means keeping your promotions off of your followers’ direct messages. Reserve those for email marketing and actual posts. Keep in mind that personal inboxes on Twitter are mainly used for social interactions. Seeing promotions in the DM inbox will be viewed as annoying spam to your followers. If you annoy them, then bad relationships are built.

  1. Sharing on All Platforms

All platforms have different features when it comes to hosting content. Thus, it is not advisable to promote certain pieces of content on all platforms. For example, forcing content that is optimized for Tumblr will not work properly on Twitter or Facebook; gifs may not move, videos may seem out of place, and hashtags could yield different results when clicked. It is important to understand why people visit certain platforms, what media perform best on it, and keeping optimized content on its recommended platform.

Also, the accepted frequency of posts is different per platform. For example multiple posts from one company in a day could annoy people on Facebook but it is completely fine on Twitter. Even though it is tempting to share your content as much as possible, this will actually work against your marketing strategy and turn people off.

  1. 02_outsourcing-social-media-managersOutsourcing Social Media Managers

While social media managers have been trained to market a brand, it is recommended that these people come from within the company. This is because outsourced social media managers will know less about the company’s products, services, and branding as compared to someone who has worked in the company. By a having an experienced and trusted employee handle your social media, an authentic voice can be heard on your social media accounts.

  1. Quantity over Quality

Don’t post just for the sake of posting. You should only post content on social media when it is of value to your market. If content is useful, relevant, or entertaining to them at the right time, then that’s the only time you should post it.


  1. Being on Too Many and Too Little Platforms.

The key to finding the right social media platform is experimentation. You may have a good hunch about which platform your company will perform the best at but you will never truly know until you’re there. On the other side of the spectrum, you should also avoid being too saturated on social media so that your market doesn’t get confused as to where your main voice is spoken. Take your time in exploring every platform one by one.

Key Takeaway

Social media has become the most efficient form of communication and marketing. As with any conversation, the key to getting your point across is having great timing and understanding who you are speaking to. In terms of social media, this means being able to get your posts to the right person at the right time and in the right place.


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