6 Professions That Require Multilingual Skills

Being bilingual or multilingual is certainly a great advantage to have in the professional world. There are subjects in some international schools in Manila that teach students to learn another language. If you’re feeling productive enough, try to learn another language which can definitely amp up your resume in the future. Once you’ve decided to finally perfect a different language, here are a number of professions that require multilingual skills that might interest you.

  1. Interpreter

People would usually say that interpreting is connected to translating, but it is not. Translating is solely about writing by changing the texts. Interpreting, however, deals with changing with what was heard into another language verbally with people who speak colloquially and spontaneously. It’s important to make sure what you interpret shall be accurate as much as possible to be understood. There are numerous times when what was interpreted meant differently, so it’s critically important to fully intake in understanding what you interpret.

  1. Translator

Translating is available in local countries but settled internationally. Meaning that you can work here in the Philippines but the work you do is mostly related or pertains to the work in another country. Translating will require you to have high language ability, write and translate impressively, and have a knack on the marketing and business aspect.

  1. Teacher

Knowing that you learned something can say that you can also teach what you learned. That is why we believe that school definitely nurtures achievers. Consider being a teacher of another language as one of the best professions. Even though they say that native speakers should be the one teaching, try to change this common thinking by showing that non-native speakers can also teach well. It’s guaranteed that native teachers have a better edge, but everything can certainly be learned! Do your best by teaching a foreign language. As you teach, it can help you to learn more and become a student at the same time.

  1. Military

By this, we pertain to working for the military in the linguist profession of course. However, if you prefer, you can also work for a foreign country’s military organization as well. Some of the positions anyone could apply for a military group is a Signal Operator Linguist. This is just one of the many multilingual or bilingual jobs out there that pays fairly well. There are a couple of organizations or government offices which accept talented tongue-speakers.

  1. Intelligence role

There are other companies which look for multilingual intelligence roles. We might picture this kind of professions with James Bond-like movies that deal with crime-fighting and cool offices, but it certainly is different from what we see in the movies. There are numerous requirements before becoming accepted in this kind of profession. Applying for an intelligence role must mean that you know a lot about a particular field pass numerous tests, have striking interpersonal skills, and translating and interpreting quite well.


  1. Customer service

One of the most popular type of customer service jobs pertain to tourism jobs such as working in the airplanes or in hotels. Working in a customer service means that you have to communicate with endless people each day and have an approachable attitude. You will address all their requests, inquiries, and needs.

There are numerous jobs out there more than what was mentioned above. Practice yourself by doing your best to perfect a different language because it can help you reach a career which might clearly suit your liking.

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