6 places to enjoy Hong Kong with your little one

Having a kid is really a great blessing, but sometimes as parent we deprive ourselves of relaxation and travel. Some parents wanted a trip all by themselves, but how can you leave that little boo boo bear behind. So here, I listed some of the top 10 places you can enjoy Hong Kong with your little one.

Photo from Tripadvisor.com
  1. Who doesn’t love Hong Kong Disneyland?
    Every child loves Mickey Mouse and the best place to go in Hong Kong is of course Hong Kong Disneyland! Even us adults may explore the place and be a child at heart. For sure our little ones will enjoy and have fun in Hong Kong Disneyland with a lot of fun rides, luscious food and of course to meet Mickey Mouse.

    Photo from https://www.timeout.com/hong-kong/shopping/toy-street
  2. Shop with your little one at the Toy Street
    Yes you read it right! TOY STREET. Fuk Wing Street in Sham Shui Po is where you can buy toys like dolls, toys or anything our kids would love. You can also find costumes and accessories which will surely a little girl will love.

    Photo from http://www.sfu.ca/geog/geog351spring09/group04/park_html/zoo.html
  3. Visit the animals of Hong Kong Zoo
    Kids love animals and Hong Kong Zoo is the best place where kids can enjoy and also learn. Though kids may find it not the usual zoo that’s so big but, for sure they will still enjoy and learn from it.

    Photo from http://trickeye.com/hongkong/whats-inside_eng/
  4. Try the Trick Eye Museum
    Kids will surely love a 3D art museum while they also learn from it.

    Photo from https://theculturetrip.com/asia/china/hong-kong/
  1. Learn history at the Hong Kong Museum of History
    Try dropping by this museum  and learn from the 500 exhibits on display like the Cathay Pacifics DC3 airliner and a car simulator where kids can learn the right way to drive.

    Photo from http://www.discoverhongkong.com/nz/see-do/tours-walks/guided-tours/day/ocean-park-tour.jsp
  2. Feel like a fish at the Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Kids will surely love to watch fish swim over their head and see sting rays in person. This way they can also learn about the ocean and also enjoy the lovely scenery of the park.

Traveling to Hong Kong is such a very nice experience and it would be really magical and much fulfilling if you and your little one can both enjoy and learn at the same time! Visit Hong Kong, know their history and discover their culture with your family!

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