6 Intellectual Shows That May Help In Your Studies

6 Intellectual Shows That May Help In Your Studies

Did you know that television series or even some show can really be educational? Attending a top engineering school in the Philippines can make your mind grow weary over time. This is primarily because of the texts you would be consuming as well as all the Mathematical formulas you will end up memorizing.

Too much information can result to a fried brain, which could eventually lead to a lack of concentration as well as chronic stress. This is of course a mental health issue that should be taken seriously.

Right now, you would be asking what sort of activity you should do to let your mind rest from your studies. Here’s an idea: watch TV shows. Pick those that will not make your brain lose a brain cell or two, but those ones that are the intellectual kind. Here are a few examples.

6 Intellectual Shows That May Help In Your Studies

  1. How Do They Do It?

This is a television series being shown on Discovery Channel, a network that concentrates on featuring various intellectual shows; “How Do They Do It?” is one of them.

“Behind the ordinary is the extraordinary” is the slogan of the show. Basically, it showcases ordinary objects that people use every day and explores how they were made in the first place.

6 Intellectual Shows That May Help In Your Studies

  1. MythBusters

This program is one of the most popular shows you can find on Discovery Channel. Its premise is to test out the validity of news stories, internet videos, adages, movie scenes, rumours, and yes, myths.

This show is being broadcast internationally to different countries like Australia, as it piques the audience’s interest over which claims are factual and correct.

6 Intellectual Shows That May Help In Your Studies

  1. Naked Science

National Geographic Channel is another network that concentrates on educating their viewers. Its documentary series, Naked Science, features various scientific theories about different subjects like Atlantis or the Bermuda Triangle.

However, be mindful which theories should you believe in because not everything they discuss has been proven to be real or factual. Although, this does not erase the fact that Naked Science is still fun to watch.

6 Intellectual Shows That May Help In Your Studies

  1. The Flash

You must be thinking how a comic book TV series ends up on this list. This is easy to answer of course, because The Flash is one of the few TV shows which features and discusses various scientific theories like time travel, multiverse, etc.

The show runners made an evident effort in making sure the show’s fictitious nature can be related to a number of scientific theories which originated in real life.

  1. Sherlock

BBC’s Sherlock is a crime drama television program that has been adapted from the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Its narrative follows its main character, Sherlock, and the different criminal cases he was able to solve.

Join him and Dr John Watson in solving different cases wherein Sherlock was able to demonstrate scientific reasoning to gather evidence as well as catch the real culprit behind each crime.

the big bang theory

  1. The Big Bang Theory

Some people believe that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment and if this is true, then The Big Bang Theory is one sitcom that can prove that this statement is in fact incorrect.

This American comedy series uses really intellectual recurring elements and themes to tell the stories of its characters. Science and science fiction media are two of its most favourite themes to discuss. Real life scientists like Stephen Hawking and George Smoot have guest starred on the sitcom.

If you pay close attention to the show, you will realize that the humour they use is based on scientific facts and theorems.

All of these shows will stimulate your mind without having to overwork it. Try watching these shows and see if you could apply what you have been studying in the themes that they are discussing.

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