6 Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Office Environment

6 indoor plants that can improve your office environment

Many employees understand that there are many perks to having a security of tenure in a workplace. Those employees who were able to stick to a company after their sixth month deserve to have some benefits given to them for the hard work and loyalty they have given a certain place of employment.

Aside from the usual benefits which have been mandated by the government, regular employees also received extra incentives such as a permanent place in the office that they can decorate according to their tastes.

But did you know that indoor plants can improve your work environment? You read that right, you can definitely add some plants to ensure you have the perfect place for you as a professional. Here is a list of indoor greeneries you can choose from.

peace lily

Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum or peace lily is a space-filling plant that is known to be quite the air freshener. It is a large plant that is perfect to fill some voids in your office area. Do not worry about your office having little to no light or windows (where sunlight can come into) for this plant can thrive even without too much lighting.

english ivy

English Ivy

English Ivy, or as others would like to call them Hedera helix, is an evergreen vine that is good for reducing and filtering out formaldehyde and airborne faecal particles. This plant is ideal for office spaces that have a very stale environment. There is no doubt that it will be able to freshen up the air in your work area.cactus


Cactus is a plant that can be very small and has a lot of varieties you can choose from. However, they would need a lot of sunlight to be able to survive, so you may want to place it near a window.

They also would not require much water, so it is okay for you to forget to water them once in a while. After all, they are pretty much well known to survive in a dry place like an empty desert.



Fittonia is known for its other names: mosaic plant and nerve plant. It can be a very good addition to the inside of your office as a focal point because of how their leaves look like.

Sunlight is not a requirement for this plant, you just need your building’s fluorescent light and it would no doubt grow into a beautiful indoor plant that you can boast about to your office mates.



Azalea is one plant you can definitely rely on to brighten up your workplace because of its flowery shrub that is very visually appealing. It can thrive really well when placed in a cool environment, so if you have a really cold office at all times of the day, then this plant would be perfect for you.

Aside from being a beautiful decoration, this shrub can also keep your air clear of formaldehyde, making your air as fresh as possible.

gerber daisy

Gerber Daisy

Gerbara or Gerber daisy is another flowery plant in this list. You can place this in places where printers are often used for it can diminishes benzene which is a toxic chemical that can be found in the air.

There are many plants you can choose from to heighten up your work environment. Go ahead and enjoy your regularization and place one of these plants in your office or work desks.


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