5 Wedding Trends That Are Way Too Overrated

Whether you’re hiring a wedding catering, planner, and organizer to help you with in making your wedding day the best, yet, it’s still best to be aware of these 5 overrated wedding trends that’s been making rounds in weddings for some years now. (And, might as well avoid them in taking part on your dream event).

Candy Bars for Party Favors

As sweet as newly wedded couples are, candy bars as favors should retire [ASAP] from any wedding events’ scene. Why? Thing is, your guests deserve more than candy bars for attending your wedding. After all, a wedding is not a child’s party. Look for original party favors that could be useful, or maybe just spend the favor fund on some good entertainment for everyone.


Gimmicky Photo Booths

Photo booths are actually fun as they are. However, they’re becoming an element that is being included in weddings over and over again. More so, they’re all just the same: too colorful, gimmicky photo booths that should be incorporated in a prom not a wedding event. Could you see the fun in that? No. There are tons of new ways to include a photo booth in your wedding that can perfectly match your wedding scheme.

A Bad Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is among the most common elements that best symbolizes anyone’s wedding. At times, while some would strive to make the cake’s aesthetics ‘wow’ their guests – it just ends up in a plain, bad cake. Hence, make sure to get a good wedding caterer who will assure you that your cake wouldn’t go naked with some air, or at the very least, would not make everyone cringe and ruin the overall theme of your wedding reception.


Wedding Themes That Are Not-So You

While some would say that, “It’s 2017, traditional wedding themes are so overrated!” So are gimmicky, wedding themes. May it be the bride playing Rapunzel, or the groom playing Leonardo DiCaprio at the Great Gatsby just for the sake of being different.

Stop. It.

As fun as it would be to play someone’s character in your wedding day, remember that it is your wedding day. It’s an event that you would be looking back with for the rest of your life, so save the trends for other occasions. Make your wedding yours and your partner’s.

Creative Signage’s… Everywhere?

While creative signage have been a thing in Pinterest, again, your wedding is your wedding. You wouldn’t want your wedding to be among those generic wedding themes in Pinterest, would you? More so, if you want to get ideas from the said site – make your own version. As much as some would look fun and creative, they’re excessively, overplayed in various weddings. Furthermore, avoid putting them just about here and there on your wedding venue. Otherwise, it’d look like a cemetery. Not cute.

Key Takeaway

Truth be told, weddings are not just some occasion that anyone can pull off for multiple times. They’re that one occasion that you, as couples, will look back in the following years and will even show and tell your daughters and sons about as they grow up.

Hence, it’s only significant to avoid these 5 overrated wedding trends, and move on by planning your wedding that would truly symbolize you as a couple.


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