5 ways to protect your kidneys

Sponsored Post written by The Bag Investigator for Flyace Corporation and Old Orchard.

Under the “Love your Kidney Campaign, Old Orchard aims to build awareness of the importance of drinking cranberry juice. It is not a cure, but it can prevent us from having UTI (Urinary Tract infection) specially women. So here’s a 5 ways that I learn from Old Orchards intimate lunch last Thursday.

Let it all GO.

  • Women are very prone from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Every woman should make sure to urinate completely or all the way.

Drink a lot of water or at least 8-10 glasses per day.

  • Drinking water is necessary to wash away toxins, but don’t over drink also. And cut out your caffeine intake.

Avoid drinking artificial fruit juices.

  • Substitute your artificial fruit juice with a real one like a cranberry juice from Old Orchard.

Avoid too much salty food.

  • A salty taste is good for the kidneys, but when you are excessively eating salty it’s bad for our kidneys.

Lessen the intake of medicine

  • If you can still cope up with the pain you’re feeling, do not take medicine right away. Taking medicines can cause damage to your kidneys in the long run.

Prevention is always the best medicine in every disease. It is better to love our kidneys and buy a cranberry juice than to undergo dialysis.


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