5 Ways City-Dwellers Can Reconnect with Nature

Living in a city provides all kinds of benefits that country-living simply cannot offer. Sure, city life isn’t for everyone, but for those that it appeals to, there are a number of advantages. Cities offer access to a large public transit system, plenty of housing options, a wide variety of employment opportunities, a lively entertainment scene, and often a real mix of cuisine thanks to the fact that cities can be a more multi-cultural environment to live in. 

But for all their advantages, cities also have downfalls. Often residents can feel as though they aren’t really in touch with nature, and that the city-life is taking over. In order to combat that feeling, here are five ways that city-dwellers can reconnect with nature and fill that desire to capture country-living.

Take Up Bird-Watching

Here’s a hobby that can truly be done anywhere – city and country, as there are birds everywhere you go. It can even be a hobby you indulge on while on vacation if you choose. Bird-watching is a great way to get out into nature and start noticing things you may not typically take the time to notice. Whether you are strolling through a park or green space, or just sitting on your own balcony overlooking a busy city street, there are always birds to be seen.

In order to truly get into the hobby, you’re going to want to invest in a pair of decent binoculars that will make viewing birds much easier. There are many high-quality compact options available for bird watching, allowing you to pick the features and price point you’re comfortable with. Besides that, it can be handy to pick up a pocket guide for birdwatching, or even download an app dedicated to the hobby.

Make it a Point to Visit the Parks in Your City

While it can be easy and convenient to stick to the park closest to your neighborhood, the problem is that you don’t really get to discover much outside your own little space. Why not make it a point to visit all the parks in your city, taking in different features, scenery, wildlife, and even greenery at each park? You can typically explore by foot, on your in-line skates, or by bike, so you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

Plan a Picnic Date with Friends

Another fabulous way to reconnect with nature is to set up a regular picnic date with friends during the warmer months. Nothing screams country-living quite like laying out a big blanket in a park and then sitting down to enjoy a homemade picnic with friends. You can also take turns picking the location so that everyone gets to discover a new place.

Purchase a Bike and Get Exploring

During your busy work week, it’s common to get caught up in your commute and not even notice the sights around you. So, why not purchase the ultimate city-life transportation – a bike – and take in all those sights you never take the time to explore. 

Look into a Community Garden Project

Community garden projects aren’t new, but they have been increasing in popularity as of late. These gardens make use of a green space within the city that members will then cultivate in order to grow their own crops. Typically, you’ll need to pay dues and also contribute with supplies, seeds, and labor. It’s a wonderful way to grow your own garden when you don’t have a yard of your own, and it gets you outside and socializing with the community.

Remind Yourself of the Nature Surrounding You

Despite the fact that you are living in the city, it’s amazing to discover just how much nature still surrounds you, and the many ways you can reconnect with it.

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