5 Tips for Saving Money while Camping

Camping is essentially about trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city; a chance to reconnect with nature and with yourself, but sometimes people tend to overspend for their camping trip because they want luxury in nature. While this may be understandable; it does not change the fact that nature is not luxurious and it will never be. That’s why places that offer camping amenities are recommending that the less things campers bring, the better. One such place are resorts in the Tablas island where connecting nature is the priority and relaxation is a given.

If you’re an avid camper but is usually overspending when going camping, here’s a list of tip to save money while camping:


#1. Invite Friends

 One of the best ways to save money is to invite people to share the experience with; more people means less money to spend. Why? You can share the cost of campsite, gas, and food with them! This is a great way to save money and to share the beauty of nature with other people. Plus, you’ll have more people to interact with, resulting to having bonds and connections that’ll last even after you’re done camping.


#2. Renting Instead of Buying

 If you’re a person that just wants to experience camping only for a few times then instead of buying your camping gear, you should just rent them. Or better yet, borrow from friends that are frequent campers! This way, you’ll save money and when you’re done camping you won’t worry about necessary wardrobes space for the camping gear. If your local camping store does not rent gear, then there’s a high possibility that they know a store who does; you just have to ask.


#3. Camp Near You

 Camping doesn’t have to be done in faraway places. If you research a little, you’ll find camping spots near you. This way you can save money on gas or transportation that should’ve been used for going to a camping spot that’s further away than the one you found. It’ll also save you time; giving you more of it while being at the camping site, enabling you to do more activities while there instead of spending more time on the road.


#4. Freeze Meats and Other Cold Food

 Before leaving for your camping trip, you should freeze the meat and other cold food you’re going to use. First, you’ll be having longer lasting food while camping. Second, you’ll save money on buying ice packs because you can use the frozen meat and food as an alternative for ice. Also, you’ll be saving a lot more space in the cooler because you’ll mainly be using the frozen meat and food as the principal source of cold in the cooler instead of the ice.


#5. Try Camping in your Backyard

 If you have young children; or afraid of trying camping, you can use your backyard as a trial run before really immersing yourself in the wilderness. This’ll give you the experience of camping while having almost no costs at all. Also, this’ll let you decide if you’ll like camping or not because instead of immediately going to a camping site for your first time, your backyard is a perfect place for your first experience in camping.


Nature is never luxurious and it never will be. So, don’t try to have luxury while camping and just fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, it’ll be so much better.

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